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Making Contact Management Fun in the New Year

January 09, 2019

You have a ton of contacts and it may seem overwhelming. You tried out Contactually and may be stuck. On this webinar, we went over how to make Contact Management actually FUN!

Don't have time to watch it all?  Here's what we offer in this webinar:

  • Start with a story - 2m34s
  • Current state of contact management - 3m58s
  • How to make contact management fun - 6m40s
  • Best practices - 17m45s
  • Demo - Creating habits - 24m14s
  • Demo - Make contact management fun - 25m24s
  • Review & Next Steps- 53m19s

Link to presentation:

Link to contact management best practices:

Link to bucket recommendations, by goal:

Overview of Archiving Contacts: