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How to FOCUS on your Top 50 to get 4x more referrals

November 07, 2018

The world has changed. It's no longer just a volume game; it's also a quality game. How do you stand out and differentiate in today's market? On this webinar, we will focus on strategies to help you get 4x more referrals from your network.

Don't have time to watch it all?  Here's what we offer in this webinar:

  • State of the world today - 0m33s
  • Focusing on quality with your top 50 - 4m32s
  • Getting 4x more referrals - 17m25s
  • Demo - 21m43s
  • Takeaways - 39m53s
  • Concierge Plan - 43m07s

Link to presentation: