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Coffee Break Series Part 1: The Ultimate Open House System

March 15, 2018

Open houses take a lot of resources, but can deliver so much value, so we want to help you get the most from them. Learn from a Contactually expert about building an optimal open house lead generation and nurture system with Contactually at the hub. We'll go over getting open house leads into Contactually; how to create a Bucket system for leads; and how to automate lead qualification and nurturing to efficiently build valuable new relationships.

Don't have time to watch it all?  Here's what we offer in this webinar:

  • Common mistakes - 4m58s
  • Building open house follow-up campaigns based on Buckets - 6m52s
  • Using Spacio with Contactually - 25m55s
  • Attain your goals with an Open House System - 28m45s