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2x Growth and Peace of Mind: how a top LA team wins with Contactually (Part II)

January 29, 2019

On this webinar, we talk again with Travis Stauffer, who manages a real estate team that has done $1 billion in sales! He gives us insight into how his team maximizes Contactually to sell efficiently. [Part II of '2x Growth and Peace of Mind Webinar'].

Specifically, we talk about the advanced processes to help the Jody Clegg Team take their business to another level, highlighting custom fields, templates, and programs.

Link to presentation:

Link to Travis' custom field structure:

Top 10 Subject Lines:

Overview of Team Library:

Using Team Library:

Don't have time to watch it all?  Here's what we offer in this webinar:

  • Introductions - 1m30s
  • Background on Travis' Team - 3m02s
  • Review from Part I- 5m45s
  • Advanced Functionality Intro - 12m15s
  • Custom Fields - 15m33s
  • Email Templates - 30m39s
  • Programs - 39m42s
  • Big Takeaways - 50m26s
  • Next Steps - 51m57s
  • Using Folio for Transaction Mgmt - 54m39s