Getting the Most from Your Contactually Team Account

Have you decided to bring your whole team into Contactually? Great decision! The return on your Contactually investment is dialed-up when your whole team is using it together. But “together” doesn’t mean the same thing for every team—teams have different needs when it comes to accessing each other’s contacts and conversations. Here we’ll help you understand how to set up your Contactually account to meet your team structure, and how to manage accounts.

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Our most efficient teams start with a clear structure for permissions across accounts. These videos explain three common team structures in Contactually and how to set them up.


Open Book Structure


Open Book is best for teams that truly want to build and use a shared database of contacts, and who often interact with or have responsibility for the same contacts. You can opt to share interactions and notes with your team to ensure you’re all on the same page. This is our most permissive sharing structure.


Admin-Driven Structure


If you are an admin who owns and assigns out contacts, and who wants insight into your team’s performance, you should follow this structure. In this instance, team members won’t have access to each other’s contacts, but you will be able to track how everyone is following up with the contacts that you assign them.


Selectively-Collaborative Structure


A lot of teams are in the middle of the sharing spectrum. This means that each team member works largely with their own database of contacts, yet there are some core groups of contacts that are shared for easy visibility and collaboration.

How to Configure Contactually for Each Team Structure

Open Book Admin Driven Selectively-Collaborative
Settings: Share All Contacts X
Settings: Share Last Contacted Information X X X
Shared Buckets: Share Selected Contacts X
Shared Buckets: Share Conversations and Notes X X
Admin Manually Assigns Contacts to Team Members and Keeps Tabs on the Conversation X

There are various ways to manage and get insight into your team’s account, so you can be an empowered Contactually administrator.


Admin Panel Overview


This quick video shows you how to add new users, deactivate them, and see basic usage information for your team.


Team Insights

Use team insights to track your team’s performance based on interactions and contact type. You can even filter to look at only Assigned contacts to ensure your team members are following up appropriately. Learn more about team insights in this article.


Using Pipelines as a Team

Pipelines can also be leveraged as a team. You can share Pipelines, track deal stages and deal values, and see an overview of how your team is performing to your business goals. Learn more about team Pipelines in this article.