Getting Started with Contactually for Real Estate

Welcome to Contactually! Contactually is designed to help you focus on growing your business through your most important asset—your relationships. Whether you are focused on new leads, referrals, repeat business, or a combination, Contactually will help you prioritize and organize all stages of your relationships to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

This 30-minute webinar will help you get started learning about the different features and how they work together to help you build lasting, authentic relationships.

Learn the Contactually Features

Use our video library to learn the skills and features that every Contactually user should know.


Connect your email to Contactually

Connecting your email is the most important step in getting started with Contactually. By connecting your email, Contactually will automatically build a database of contacts and interactions for you, and continually update it. In this video, we will walk you through how to connect your email to Contactually.

What do I do if I'm having trouble connecting my email?
Our Support Team is happy to help with that! You can connect with them by selecting 'Help' at the top-right of your account.


Sync your phone to Contactually

A lot happens on mobile, so you want to make sure those contacts make it into Contactually. This video will walk you through downloading the Contactually app for iOS or Android, and syncing your phone contacts.

How can I get my phone calls and texts to sync, in addition to my contacts?
With Android, you can enable this option in app Settings; your app will sync texts and calls each time you open it. With iPhone, you must initiate the call or text from within the app and then save the auto-generated interaction after your communication is complete. See here for iPhone app details and here for Android app details.


Import contacts into Contactually

You can use a spreadsheet to import contacts into Contactually from another CRM, open house list, LinkedIn, etc. In this video we will walk you through how to import in a CSV file into Contactually.


Archive and clean up your contacts

Not everyone in your contact database is valuable to your current or future business. Watch this video to learn how to easily identify contacts that you don’t need to follow up with, so that you can use Contactually to focus on the ones that will bring you business.


Get rid of duplicate contacts

Contactually makes it easy to merge together any duplicate contacts. In this video, we will walk you through how to use the Duplicate Contacts filter to identify and combine duplicates.


Best practices for contact management

Contact management is an ongoing process. Running through this checklist now, and every few months, ensures that you are practicing good database hygiene and setting yourself up for success.

How can I manage contacts as couples in Contactually?
There are a couple of options available to you, depending on how you’d like to communicate with these clients. This resource will walk you through your options.

How To Handle Couples In Contactually.pdf


Prioritize important contacts using Buckets

Buckets are used to prioritize your most important contacts based on how often you should be talking to them. In this video, we will review how to use Buckets to generate Follow-Up Reminders and stay on top of these key relationships.

How many Buckets should I have?
We recommend 10-15 Buckets, maximum; your account comes with a default set of Buckets to give you some ideas, but you should tailor these to match your business.


Categorize contacts using Tags

Tags are labels you can apply to contacts in order to quickly filter to a list that meets a specific set of criteria. In this video, we will show you how to quickly organize groups in your database (like attorneys, other realtors, colleagues, etc.) using Tags.

What’s the difference between Buckets and Tags?
Buckets are the groups of important contacts you want to stay in touch with on a consistent, regular basis (New Leads, Long Term Buyers, Past Clients, etc.). Tags are labels that can help define more specific groups within your contacts (Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, etc.). A contact should just be in one Bucket (or none), but can have multiple Tags. Tags are great for contacts that you don’t want to prioritize with Buckets, but you still want to categorize.

Go Bigger


Send messages more quickly with Templates

Use Contactually’s pre-written Email Templates when you aren’t sure what to say, or create your own for any occasion. In this video, we’ll show you how to access and use Templates.

Where can I locate the Email Templates, Program, and Pipeline content that Contactually provides?
The Library is available in the settings menu under your initials/picture in the upper-right corner, or at You can download new content from the Contactually Global Library, as well as edit or add new content in your own library.


Personalize at scale with ScaleMail

ScaleMail allows you to message multiple people at once and still personalize each individual message, making it a popular feature with Power Users. This quick video will help you understand why.


Automate with Programs

A Program is a series of messages, task, or other activities that you want to easily repeat for different contacts at different times. Watch this video to learn how to build Programs for situations like qualifying leads or staying in touch with past clients.