Continued Engagement for Brokerages

Now that your team has been trained in the Contactually basics, let’s keep them engaged. The more consistently they use Contactually to manage and grow their relationships, the more success they’ll have. We’ll help you with some tips and tricks to keep them engaged, and some guidance on monitoring engagement.

Contactually 101 and 201 webinar viewing sessions are a great way to get everyone started. However, we recommend that you follow up in about a month, with another round of in-person/video training. This training should be customized to your agents’ needs, with a focus on any aspects of the product that have proven challenging or which are under-utilized. Here are some sample sessions:

Contact Organization

This session would cover getting contacts into Contactually by syncing email accounts and phone contacts; managing a core set of contacts, including Archiving non-essential contacts; and prioritizing/categorizing contacts with Buckets and Tags. If your brokerage is providing templated Buckets, you should create those prior to this session.

Contact Engagement

This session covers contact workflows, including using the Dashboard, Messages, Follow-ups, and Tasks. The agent would learn how Contactually prioritizes their to-do list on the Dashboard; how to follow up in Contactually or log Interactions that occur outside email; and how to set up recurring and manual Tasks to engage contacts. You could also incorporate mobile app usage, and differences between Android and iOS when logging contact interactions.

Scaling Contact Follow Up

In this session, the agent learns more about how to engage their contacts in an efficient, but personalized, manner. It covers creating or accessing existing Email Templates; sending bulk messages through ScaleMail; and tracking message performance through Open, Click, and Reply tracking. If your brokerage is providing templated emails for your agents, you should create those prior to this session.

Automation and Pipelines

In this advanced session, spend time helping your agents learn about achieving scale in repeatable processes with Programs and using Buckets to trigger Programs. You can also introduce Pipelines to manage deals, and trigger Program workflows in different stages. If your brokerage is providing templated Programs or Pipelines, you should create those prior to this session.

Evaluating progress is one of the most critical things that you can do to ensure that your team is keeping up. Use the Partner Admin resources to evaluate your brokerage’s progress on a regular basis, and to find both users who might need help and Power Users who can encourage others.

User Management and Activity Reporting.pdf

Users who need help, such as
  • Users who aren’t logging in
  • Users who aren’t clearing Follow-Up Prompts
  • Users who aren’t Bucketing contacts

Use ScaleMail to reach out to them with offers of assistance, webinar recordings, or an invitation to a one-on-one training.

Power Users, such as
  • Users who have cleared higher numbers of Follow-Up Prompts or Tasks
  • Users sending higher numbers of Messages

Reach out to these users to see if they have success stories or tips to share with others.

Try getting your team engaged with Contactually through group activities
  • View webinars as a team so that you can discuss the concepts and add your own ideas
  • Put office hours on the calendar where agents can come by for help or trainings, and where you can dedicate time to understanding how your brokerage is progressing
  • Try events like “Breakfast and Buckets” or “Coffee and Contactually”, where you provide the snacks and your team comes in ready to dedicate some time to keeping up with Contactually

Agents love hearing what works for other agents (and a little healthy competition never hurt!). When an agent closes new business due to Contactually, share that win with the office. Encourage agents who are having successes to speak for a few minutes at your next office hours or Contactually training. Understanding how others have success with Contactually is key for encouraging new users to strike out and make it on their own.

Depending on the culture of your office, some agents do much better when they have a goal to achieve. Set weekly or monthly goals, and reward agents for achieving them with something valuable to their business, like marketing credits or client gifts.

  • During onboarding, encourage users to log in, connect their email, and Bucket 25 contacts
  • As users become more familiar, you might provide awards for most completed Follow-Ups or Messages sent

We’re here to help! From time to time, you and your agents will receive invitations to webinars to promote new features, refresh on older concepts, or help you with strategies to reach your goals. Even if you can’t attend, feel free to sign up and watch later—we’ll send you a link.

Have feedback for us? Struggling to get your team engaged or solve a common problem? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We are happy to work with you to find the best way to fit Contactually into your brokerage.