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Walkthroughs developed by Contactually experts to properly set up your account.


Step by step tutorials to help you along the way.

You’ll find help on everything from basic to advanced features right here.

Learn how to…

create a bucket.

Buckets will help you organize and categorize your important relationships.
Watch the video.

createabucket round

bucket contacts.

The easiest ways to organize your contacts so you can start nurturing and growing your relationships.

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bucket contacts

understand the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the powerhouse of Contactually, and where you’ll do most of your work.

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understandthe dash

send a follow-up.

Stay personal and relevant in order to nurture and grow your relationships.

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send a follow up

add an Email Template.

Pre-made content for any occasion. Email Templates make work easier and more personal.

Watch the video.
add an email template

send a Scalemail.

Bulk messaging with a personal touch. Send up to 50 messages at a time, and 300/day.

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send a scalemail

add a Program.

Automate your efforts with Programs. Build a systematized business process that’s custom fit for you.

Watch the video.
add a program

add a Pipeline.

Map and visualize business processes that are specific to you.

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add a pipeline badge

share an article.

An easy way to add high quality follow ups and become an influencer in your network.

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create introductions.

Become an influencer within your network by introducing your connections.

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Create intros badge


send a follow up

add a bucket to a program

add an email template

add a contact to a bucket

add a program

email tracking

add a pipeline from the library

share pipelines

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