Turn your contacts into relationships.

Arranging your Buckets will help prioritize your efforts to start better nurturing your contacts.

Customize Buckets for your needs.

Segment your contacts into the Buckets you create to better structure your contact database.

Never lose track or forget to follow up.

Follow-up timers generate the daily tasks on your Dashboard so your contacts will never slip through the cracks.

Categorize, organize, and prioritize.

Buckets will help you do all three with just a quick setup. Whether you’re managing referral contacts, hot leads, or personal relationships, you can create a Bucket to categorize your business needs. Simply place relevant contacts within each Bucket and set a follow-up timer to prioritize communications and you’ll be staying top of mind and nurturing relationships in no time.

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Never lose touch.

With follow-up timers you’ll always stay top of mind.

Whether you create your own or add Buckets from the Content Library, don’t forget to set proper follow-up timers. The follow-up timers generate your daily tasks on your Dashboard. When the timer on a bucket meets its limit, you’ll see the contacts within that bucket displayed on your Dashboard. After you’ve communicated with those contacts, the timer will reset and start over. With Buckets, you’ll never lose touch with your important relationships. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, all you have to do is follow up.

The Bucket Game.

Have fun getting organized.

Setting up a CRM can be a little boring.  The Bucket Game makes your setup a lot easier and more fun. Quickly sort and organize your contacts into the custom Buckets you’ve created. Each game consists of 50 unbucketed contacts and you can play as much as you’d like. The Bucket Game is the easiest, most intuitive way to structure your account and keep your contacts organized.

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