How It Works

Simplify and automate personal communications with your entire network.

Sync Your Email, Phone, and Communication History

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With one click, connect your email accounts and Contactually will automatically sync your contacts and communication history. Simply import a spreadsheet and more to ensure your entire network is in one place. Easily share contacts with colleagues.

Prioritize Current Relationships, Rekindle Old Ones

You’re connected and your contacts are in Contactually. What’s next? Organize them and prioritize how often you want them to hear from you and your business.

We know that not all contacts are equal. You might have old clients, former colleagues, or hot prospects — we call these segments ‘Buckets’. Easily organize your contacts into ‘Buckets’ then set how often you’d like those contacts to hear from you. Build your cadence of communication the way your business operates, and we’ll remind you to stay in touch when the time is right.

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Maintain Your Relationships

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Whether you’re on your computer or on-the-go, you’ll receive reminders prompting you to connect with those relationships vital to your business’ growth. We’ll keep track of all your conversations via email, text, and phone, so you always have a history of notes to work from.

Custom Templates and Automated Personal Messages

Not sure what to say? We’ll set you up with market-proven content you can tailor or send as is to ensure you’re adding value to every interaction. Once you’ve decided what to say, we’ll help you scale the message to all of your contacts while still keeping it personal to each and every one.

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Pipeline Productivity

Our pipelines let you quickly scan and evaluate what position all of your deal are in. Enter and review all vital information in a simple, clean user interface.

Teams That Work

Got a team? Monitor, manage, and grow your teams productivity with performance insights and lead routing tools. Coach your teammates to success through insights into your team's activities.

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Automate Your Process

You or your team can execute with confidence by working smarter, not harder. With Programs you can create and share email templates, sales pipelines, and automated workflows.