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Retain more agents and generate more client relationships

Contactually is a tech-forward relationship management system that changes how brokerages CONTACTUALLY BROKER A-01operate. Expand your client base, grow your relationships and develop top-producing agents with our best-in-class CRM. With the help of Contactually, your brokerage will become a coveted place for agents and a trusted place for clients.

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A powerful system that's easy to use

A profitable brokerage relies heavily on productive agents and the client relationships they develop. Top producers don't just focus on bringing in clients the first time, but on nurturing those books of business for referrals and repeat buyers. When agents have inconsistent follow-up practices, this could easily result in the brokerage losing 3-5% of its client base to its competitors!

Developing a culture where agents flourish and nurture their clients seems daunting, but with Contactually, it doesn't have to be. Contactually is built to ensure agents are always in touch with clients and powerful referral sources. With a fully-synced, up-to-date database of contacts and conversations, Contactually will evolve the way your agents engage with their networks. Agents have access to powerful features like Buckets, Email Templates, Programs, and Pipelines to ensure their outreach efforts are maximally effective.

It’s simple: Add Contactually to your brokerage offering and you’ll gain satisfied agents with a newfound level of production. Never again worry about client attrition as your agents learn to rely on Contactually for their daily outreach efforts and expand their relationships like never before.

Develop more agents

Recruit, train and retain.

Training new agents takes time, effort and money. Not to mention, when two out of ten people who enter the industry ultimately drop out, it can be a risky investment. On the other hand, signing on seasoned agents guarantees a great book of business, but what’s to keep other brokerages from poaching them out? With Contactually, onboarding and retention come easy. Use Contactually to build and teach a follow-up system specific to your brokerage. And you’re not in it alone — your team will have an opportunity to work directly with one of Contactually’s resident relationship experts to build a custom training program designed to allow your brokerage to rise to the top.

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Nurture more leads

Convert leads into closed transactions.

Agents commonly shuffle tasks around to manage their ever-busy schedules, and client touch points often get sidelined. The better the relationship, the more likely leads are to close. Nurturing takes a genuine, personal touch that automated emails can’t compete with. But individualized outreach takes time, and your agents are busy, right? Enter Contactually, which acts like a virtual assistant. Contactually’s smart reminder system keeps agents organized and prioritizes outreach based on time of last communication and the importance of each relationship. The combination of automated reminders and powerful customization tools help agents make efficient use of time while facilitating a personalized experience for leads throughout the entire lifecycle of the opportunity. To close the loop, your brokerage’s leadership team will benefit from detailed data on agent activity, allowing you to ensure agents are engaging their contacts and reaching their highest potential.

Stop losing clients

Build lasting relationships.

Clients are the base of your brokerage, so how can you afford to lose 5-10% of them year after year? The reality is, brokerages just can’t. Agents grow massive networks then quickly forget to engage with clients. When the relationship component is missing clients look to alternative brokerages, taking all future business and referrals with them. Recover lost revenue with Contactually. Whether a client is ready to close or just getting started, your agents will never lose touch again. Watch your leads turn to clients and then referrals all through the basic principle of building relationships.

Generate high quality leads

Give agents a tool to mine their networks and generate warm leads.

The highest-quality leads come from referrals, but brokerages still invest billions of dollars in online ads that ultimately don’t result in significantly increased revenue. Invest in your database instead of your marketing; referral leads organically sourced from your clients are the most promising and likely to close. Contactually’s system helps agents cultivate and mine referral leads from their networks, using a genuine process. The custom approach will allow your brokerage to create compelling messaging to help all your agents stay top of mind and take your lead generation to the next level. Spend less dollars and see a greater ROI. With Contactually client relationships go beyond just the initial transaction.

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Addressing agent and client needs can be difficult.

Retain more agents and grow your client base with the help of Contactually.