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contact_legalContactually is a relationship management software that helps you spend less time marketing so you can focus on your clients. Don’t let a busy schedule hinder the success of your practice. With Contactually, you can systematize your outreach efforts and grow your firm. As a result, you’ll be able to more efficiently allocate time where it’s most needed.

Grow your practice with Contactually.

Building a practice isn’t easy. Managing networking events, client referrals, marketing campaigns and sales take a lot of time, and to be honest, we’re not all geared for business development. When you're responsible for current clients and focused on growing your firm, your client base often gets put on the back burner. Catering to current client needs takes precedence.

You don't want to sacrifice the growth of your firm just because there's so much to shuffle around and manage. Contactually tells you precisely when to follow up with clients to keep them updated and potentially uncover new business opportunities. You’ll save time on your outreach efforts, further develop your client base, and finally be able to focus on the core of your practice.

Executing client engagements takes countless hours, but your outreach doesn’t have to. Help ease your marketing efforts and focus on what's most important to your practice. You’ll discover ROI from the very first client relationship Contactually helps you forge. Take a look at some of the most powerful features below and start growing your practice.

Email Templates

Pre-made content for easier communication.

Emails and follow ups take precious minutes away from other responsibilities. Have you ever found yourself writing countless emails only to realize later that they all contained similar content addressing a specific situation? Practice better follow-up methods with pre-crafted content to address all of your client relations. Email Templates created for any situation make for effortless communication, whether following up with new clients, addressing concerns, or even finalizing new agreements.


Mass outreach with a personal touch.

There’s only so much time in the day, and the majority goes to client engagement. Individual messages take more time and effort, but they keep your content in tune with your audience. Mass messages save a ton of time, but they’re usually obviously impersonal. Why not have the best of both worlds? With ScaleMail, send batch messages to new clients but personalize them so they’re relevant to each individual. If you’re working a big case, keep all parties up to date with a simple click of a button. ScaleMail will help you save time while staying on top of your communications.


Track the potential clients in your network.

Your firm is rapidly growing, you have new client agreements coming through the door, and prospects are all in different stages of their selection process. How do you plan to manage your practice growth and your client commitments? You’ll visualize and map all the prospects within each stage of their decision. Imagine 10 new prospective clients at different points in their selection process. You’re so wrapped up in client responsibilities you lose sight of 7 and miss out on a potential case! When you’re managing your business processes with Pipelines you’ll never lose touch with your potential clients. Even when you’re full focused on client needs, glance at your Pipeline to get an overview of all the moving parts.


Automate your outreach efforts.

Coordinating all the different pieces of marketing can be overbearing. It takes hours to manage all parts of the process and consistently oversee the client’s journey – not to mention having to iterate over and over again. With Programs, schedule a number of different events all at once. Organize your efforts and save hours at the same time. Create a sequence of steps that will automatically nurture your client base the way you would. Use Programs to schedule reminders to touch base via phone and email, and even automate emails when appropriate. With Contactually’s curated library of Programs, just download and immediately implement proven methods and practices.

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