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Contactually Contact_realestate 215guides you in developing authentic relationships and closing more deals. Never again lose track of your important prospects and watch potential opportunities slip through the cracks. With Contactually, you can easily organize and prioritize your clients, referrals, and leads to generate more business. Watch the video.

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Why choose Contactually?

Ever felt like you’re just not seeing the ROI on the hours you work? You’ve reached out to countless individuals to build your network but have trouble finding deals. Gift baskets, mailings, business cards, copies and brokerage fees don’t come cheap. Knocking on doors and cold calling work, but let’s face it, no one really wants to do either, and the relationships typically don’t last. 

Imagine reaching out to your vast network at precisely the right moment to create a business opportunity. You've just given yourself a chance to close a deal and earn commission, simply by connecting at the right time. Welcome to Contactually, where you’ll create bigger opportunities with less work, in less time, and with fewer dollars. Structure your account using our powerful features, which you'll find below, and discover how effectively you can engage your network. 

Deals aren’t about dollars spent. They’re about relationships built. So keep money in your pocket and let Contactually help you add more to your business. Flowers fade, gift baskets can go unnoticed, mailings are often tossed away, but quality interactions keep you top of mind and relevant with your network. When the time is right, you’ll be there to close the deal and provide that one-to-one relationship your clients need. 

Email Templates

Pre-made messaging to help you work smarter.

Quality connections don’t come easily, and neither does the content needed to create them. Email templates are pre-made messages built to address any situation. Whether following up after an open house, reaching out to referral leads, or just showcasing new properties for your current clients, maintain your personal touch and make that interaction effortless. Develop and customize your emails for specific needs, so in the future you won’t have to type a new message every time. With your pre-made templates, you’ll be able to quickly open dialogue with potential leads and close more deals faster.


Mass outreach with a personal touch.

Your network is always growing, and keeping connected can be difficult. Say you’ve hosted an open house and met 20 amazing people looking for homes of their own. You’ve had a great night, but now you have to follow up with all 20 new contacts. Instead of sending individual emails 20 times over with the same content, send a Scalemail to cover more ground while staying personalized. Think of  it as bulk messaging that you can tweak to match your audience. Each message can be quickly customized to cater to and maintain relevance to the individual. Use the “open house leads” email template you made and you’ve already got a great start to your message.


Automate your processes and outreach efforts.

You’ve crafted your routine and found the best practices to stay connected with your contacts. Now scale those practices so you can systematize what you already know is effective, reaching more people and closing more business. Whether you follow up weekly, monthly, quarterly or somewhere in between, Programs can help automate your processes. Design step-by-step sequences to systematize your interactions. Email, call or follow up with your contacts based on the cadence you know works. Nurture your new leads with Programs until they’re ready to take the next step. Focus on current opportunities and create additional ones.


Track the relationships in your network.

Managing a network is complicated. Contacts go through many stages of different funnels, which can be hard to juggle. Open house leads experience different phases in their journey compared to referral leads. With so many moving parts, opportunities sometimes slip through the cracks. Use Pipelines to visualize all the action. Map the course for prospects and guide them through the stages. Gain insight on where and when deals are falling through or closing. With Pipelines, you’ll never lose sight of prospects or where they stand in their journey.

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