Increased visibility, shared relationships, total security.


Manage and track all of your relationship building activity from your Contactually Dashboard.

See all of your daily follow-up reminders and actions on your Contactually Dashboard and know exactly who you need to follow up with each day.

Track your relationship building progress with weekly statistics and your relationship grade so you know exactly where you stand.

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Email templates

Use Contactually’s email templates to supercharge your email marketing. Efficiently engage your contacts with powerful messaging.

Our built-in templates allow you to keep your most effective messages on hand for when it’s time to follow up.

Thanks to dynamic fields, our templates automatically populate your message with your recipients’ key personal data.

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Article sharing

Start a meaningful conversation by sharing valuable articles and content with your network.


Use our in-browser tool to easily curate articles, videos, blog posts and more to distribute to your network.

Share them in personalized messages with just a click of your mouse. Your contact will be impressed with the value you’ve added and that you thought of him.

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Intro Maker

Influence your network and elevate your thought leadership with Contactually’s Intro Maker tool.


Easily introduce your contacts through Contactually’s introduction templates.

Contactually will save you time and effort by keeping that description on hand for any future intros you may make. After that, you can easily send your descriptions and each person’s contact data to both recipients at once.

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Scale mail

Looking to personally interact with several contacts at once? Look no further than Contactually’s Scale Mail feature.

With ScaleMail you can send personalized messages to up to 250 chosen contacts using auto-populating fields and templates. Before sending, you can add individual notes within each email for a more personal touch.

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Keep your mind at peace knowing that you’re regularly and meaningfully engaging your contacts with Contactually’s Programs feature.

Programs allow you to set up a series of actions with a particular contact or group over a period of time, either automatically or with your approval.

You can link programs to particular buckets, or add individuals to a program, providing you with lots of flexibility for your campaigns.

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Visualize your deals and prioritize your efforts by showing which projects are in which stages of your pipeline.

Our Pipelines tool allows you to visualize your deals from open to close according to your customized phases, and shows which deals may be falling through the cracks.

By assigning values to deals, Contactually also aggregates the current value of your pipeline and shows which deals are won or lost.

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Contact management

With Contactually, the days of manual data entry are long gone.

When you sign up for Contactually, you’ll directly connect your email, social media profiles and smartphone to our platform.

This allows Contactually to automatically generate your contact database for you without any manual entry on your side.


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