Our Vision

The most successful businesses in the world will be built upon personal, authentic relationships with their clients and partners.

Our Mission

To help relationship-focused professionals expand opportunities through authentic and timely engagement.

Our Values

Focus on the user – both today’s and tomorrow’s.

Contactually makes customers happier, healthier, and more productive — and every part of the Contactually experience should be focused on helping the user as much as possible. We love our customers, and want them to love us too.

Progress over process.

Process helps us accomplish bigger & better things, but should never hinder progress. Data keeps us informed and aware of reality, not scared of bold new ideas.

Always be learning and innovating.

Everything can be better — our product, our company, and ourselves. We’re always shipping new features, thinking of new ways to help customers, and working to make our colleagues and users smarter and more effective. Failure is okay, as long as we analyze and learn from it.

Take ownership.

Nothing here is “somebody else’s problem” — while we respect each other’s expertise and responsibilities, everyone is empowered to do the right thing for our product, company, and customers.

Transparency inside and out.

Honesty is the best policy, whether we’re talking to partners, customers, or each other. We can’t fix what’s broken if we don’t talk about it, or hear about it from the people it affects.

Be excellent with each other.

We do whatever we can to make Contactually a great place to do great work, as a colleague, mentor, or friend. We appreciate and recognize the work that people do and the things they accomplish. We respect each other’s time, effort, and ideas.

Do the right thing.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line — we look for practical solutions to everyday challenges. Have a question? Ask it. See a problem? Fix it! Whenever we’re in doubt, use common sense, look at the data, and do what’s best for the user.

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