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Effective Delegation

Often our to-do lists become a big messy pile because we struggle with effectively delegating. The truth is that unless we can master delegation, the growth of our business will stall. Many of us have had negative experiences with delegation due to the fact that we weren't actually delegating, we were dumping. Valerie Garcia outlines her top strategies for ensuring effective delegation.

Remarkable Customer Service

Marketing used to be simple; If you were a business, you told people about your product or service, and that was basically your marketing strategy. It's a little bit more complicated these days, but that doesn't mean the power of exceptional customer service isn't still there! In fact, in an industry where referrals are a great source of new business, delivering remarkable customer service can do wonders for your business. Especially if the word gets out online!

Farming Best Practices

Real Estate farming means choosing one area of your city and focusing your marketing in that area. You “farm” that area – planting seeds, nurturing them over time, and eventually turning them into business. Although it can take a while, many agents win with this strategy in the long-run. Through proper research, analysis, and execution of a plan, farming one area effectively can be the key to an agent's success.

Lead Generation & Conversion for Teams

Managing a team comes with a whole set of systems and complexities that we have to balance. Lead generation is a huge part of that. But more importantly, what are we doing to turn those leads into business? We all know, It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your lead conversion rates than by doubling your lead generation rates. Through developing a robust lead management system, assigning responsibilities, and closely monitoring your performance, you and your team will drive significant growth for your business.

Lead Systems for Teams

Generating and converting leads into relationships is a key part of our business, and for many of us, we aren’t in this alone – we are working with a team. By identifying the ideal lead, aligning and training your team, using proper automation, and ensuring you are constantly improving, you and your team will generate and convert more leads.

Creating Systems

Running a business and keeping track of all the moving parts can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, by implementing the right systems you can simplify your day-to-day operations in a significant way and set yourself up for sustainable growth. By systematizing lead intake, follow-up, email newsletter, and social media, you can free up time to work on what matters...growing your business!

Lead Conversion Tips & Strategies

The truth about leads is this: you can gather as many of them as you want, through a ton of different methods, but if you aren’t converting them into business, it’s almost as if they were never there at all. Gathering leads and growing them into real relationships isn’t an ...

Creating Content Of Value

Let’s face it , whether we call ourselves “agents” or “REALTORS” or “real estate professionals,” one thing is certain - we are all marketers. Our goal is to continually get our message out to a broad audience in creative and interesting ways. This means we have to continually be creating ...

Segmenting Your Database

In this industry, we spend a ton of effort building an audience. People who will see our marketing, pay attention, and tell others about us. Our goal is to continue to build a strong database of raving fans and obviously, potential customers. The problem is, once we have those audience ...

Turning leads into relationships

You hear a lot of talk about lead conversion, but before you can turn a lead into business, you first need to turn it into a relationship. How do you do that? The key is to stop looking at leads as leads, and start looking at them as people who have put up their hand and said "I have a question." By understanding their needs you can better cater your services and, in turn, build stronger relationships.