How Can You Rise Above a Crowded Market and Attract the Right Customers?

My guest today is Jeffrey Shaw, photographer, public speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the new book Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Jeffrey is here to show us how we can rise above the noise in a crowded market and attract the right customers.

Don’t Network, Make Connections with Joyce Layman

My guest on this episode of Real Relationships is Joyce Layman, a speaker, author, business coach, connector, and strategist. She is the author of two fabulous books, Just Another Leap, and Your Connecting Advantage. According to Bob Burg, she is the ‘greatest networker in the world.’ Joyce is on the ...

Learn How to Develop Genuine Client Relationships, with Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara has had such a diverse career. He is a great public speaker, a photographer, a philosopher, and a real estate professional. On this episode of Real Relationships, I chat with Matthew and learn how his varied interests have helped his career. Matthew also explains to me how building ...

How to Improve Your Client Relationships by Becoming a Likeable Expert, with Michael Katz

Join Michael Katz and I as we discuss how to form real relationships by becoming a likeable expert in your field. Michael is a likeable expert on marketing and has written four books on the subject.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Are you interested in discovering secrets to building a successful network in your business? It can be a real challenge for introverts to network, but finding the right people to work with is a key to success. Listen to my interview with Jay Papasan to find out how this introvert ...

Creating Joy Through Working Relationships, with Shaa Wasmund

Relationships are arguably the most important aspect of any business but they are sadly misused. Even if a relationship is effective and profitable, you may be doing it wrong and thus hurting your future success. On today’s episode of Real Relationships I welcome Shaa Wasmund, she is a successful businesswoman ...

The Power Of Authentic Relationships In Business, With Patrick Ewers

Patrick Ewers of MindMaven.com specializes in relationships and the power they can have in your business. In this episode of Real Relationships, I dive deep with Patrick into the power of relationships in your business and life. Patrick explains how approaching someone with authenticity can open the doors to a ...

How to Be Memorable, Be Who You Are, and Rock Your Business, with Peter Lorimer

One of the most difficult things about building a successful business in a niche like California's real estate market, is how to be memorable. But my guest today has figured that one out simply by being himself. Peter Lorimer is a former music producer turned real estate professional whose company ...

Building and Benefitting from Meaningful Connections in Business, with Rob Mehta

One of the people I’ve seen demonstrate the ability to make and keep meaningful connections with people over time is Rob Mehta. Whether it's helping brokers grow their business, building strategic alliances, or simply focusing on the next new idea, Rob is a guy who knows how to do what ...

Connectional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It’s Important, with Erica Dhawan

Are you familiar with the term, Connectional Intelligence? It’s the ability to create and drive greater value by effectively harnessing your networks and relationships. Erica Dhawan says it’s the next, greatest trait or skill that leaders will use to bring change to their workplaces and the world. She believes our ...

Power Tips for Making and Managing Relationships, with John Corcoran

Relationships and time are two things everybody has - and interestingly, time is what fuels relationships. If you’re going to make the most of your relationships, for you and for the people on the other side, you’ve got to learn effective skills for managing them. This episode is a great ...

Success in Real Estate is Rooted in Relationships, with Eddie Berenbaum

Success in real estate only happens when you’ve built a relationship with a real person. When I asked Eddie Berenbaum why relationships are so important to his Century 21 Redwoods team, he said that real estate success is predicated on relationships with real people. Somewhere in the process of any ...

Self Management Skills That Build Vital Relationships with Mike Muhney

Many people talk about relationship management these days, but Mike Muhney prefers to talk about self-management and the skills it takes to ensure that you are good in relationships. I had a great time chatting with Mike for this episode of Real Relationships. He's such a down-to-earth, practically oriented guy who has been building great relationships with people for decades. His insights into what it takes to build the self-management skills that set you up for great relationships are invaluable. Be sure you take the time to listen.

Make More Profit by Giving More, with Bob Burg

All of us want to make more profit in our business. It's at least a part of why we are in business. But the question arises, "What is the best way to make a profit?" Bob Burg says that the best way to make more profit is to give - to always ask how you can add more value to that person. In this conversation, Bob shares the concepts from his book, "The Go Giver" with me to clarify why the laws of giving are the best way to provide value to others and consequently, make maximum profit for yourself. It's a great and insightful conversation, so be sure you take the time to listen.

The Power of Relationships for More Business and Referrals, with Nikki Beauchamp

power of relationshipsIf you've listened to Real Relationships for any length of time you know that the premise for the podcast and the business behind it is that relationships matter. It's not just that they matter for increased business and profit, it's that they matter for the long-haul to increase your quality of life. This episode features Nikki Beauchamp, a dynamic luxury real estate agent in New York City who has built her business on the referrals that flow out of the relationships she's established. She's a strong advocate for the power of relationships in building a business long-term. She and I chat about how she learned to build such cooperative relationships with her clients and what it means to make clients truly happy. You'll enjoy hearing her perspective, on this episode.

How to Become Top of Mind to Your Ideal Clients, with Sean Carpenter

What does it take to become the top of mind person in your niche - you know, the person people in the community think of when they think of that business or niche? My guest on this episode, Sean Carpenter has proven what it takes to become top of mind. He says it's relationships and that in his business (real estate), houses are the widgets used to foster beneficial relationships. He's never focused on selling a house or listing a property - he's focused on helping the people who live in the houses or helping the people who need to sell the house. It's served him incredibly well. Be sure you listen to get a taste of why Sean is an outstanding mentor in his part of the country when it comes to real estate success.

How Adding Relational Value Can Build Your Business, with Derek Coburn

When you can add relational value to the people in your circle you discover doors open for you like never before. Derek Coburn is one of the people I've noticed adding true relational value to the lives of his clients and others he meets. He's become so convinced that is the best way to build a personal and business network that he's begun his own organization to host events that bring people together and add value to their lives. You can hear Derek's philosophy of how networking was not working, what he did to change the model, and the incredible results he's had as a result - it's all on this episode of Real Relationships.

Caring is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage - Jayson Gaignard

If you want a competitive advantage in business you know that relationships play an important part in it. But it's not about how MANY relationships you have, it's about the level of quality those relationships are. On this episode, I am speaking with my friend Jayson Gaignard who is one of the most skillful people I know at building quality relationships. I asked him how he learned the skill, what he recommends for those who want to begin building quality relationships, and what the ROI is of doing so. You are going to learn a lot from this episode.  

How To Build Truly Meaningful Connections, with Jon Levy

One of the things Jon Levy will tell you from his research into human interactions and deep connections is that the thing that influences most as individuals is the people we are surrounded by. Jon has made it his business to learn all he can about the science and practical aspects of building meaningful connections - not just because it's interesting to him but also because it's a skill he wants to teach people so they can add true value to others. You won't want to miss this practical and powerful conversation.  

Roh Habibi: Building a Long-Term Business Through Real Relationships

Before Roh Habibi was featured on Million Dollar Listing he was already an amazingly successful real estate broker in the San Francisco Bay area. He says that his success was not built on technology or fancy real estate strategies, but rather through building real relationships with people. He's my kind of guy. On this episode of Real Relationships, you're going to hear how Roh started his business, built it to scale, and is now working hard to be the go-to guy for real estate in the bay area. It's a great conversation.

Building Real Relationships As Long-Term Business Gains, with Chris Fralic

Chris Fralic is one of the most intentional, genuine people I know when it comes to building relationships. He sees himself as a connection maker and works hard to ensure that he's thinking long-term instead of simply transactional. On this episode of Real Relationships, Chris shares how he developed his emphasis on relationships, why it's important for business builders, and how it applies to things like follow-up, email, and introductions. You'll get a ton of value from this conversation with Chris.

How To Make A Social Relationship A Real Relationship, with Amy Chorew

Social media is supposed to facilitate truly social interactions between real people - in other words, it's supposed to build real relationships. Amy Chorew, my guest on this episode, says that if your use of social media is not facilitating a real social relationship with people, then you don't understand the purpose of social media. Amy is a former real estate agent now working with Better Home and Gardens Real Estate. Her role there is specifically aimed at helping real estate agents better use social media to foster social relationships, with the hope that those relationships lead to sales. You'll enjoy hearing Amy's enthusiasm and perspective, so be sure you listen to this episode. [bctt tweet="How To Make A Social #Relationship A Real Relationship, w @AmyChorew" username=""]

Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with Krisstina Wise

"Relationships First" sounds like a great mantra to live by - and most of us would probably say that we agree with it. But my guest today is a woman who's truly proven how seriously she takes the idea. Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses and her forte in all of those things is the focus on people that makes the relationships she has real. Some of those lead to business, some don't - but Krisstina's ideal is to be curious about the people, the life they live, and how she can contribute to the enrichment of their experience. It's that kind of concern and care that sets her apart and makes her an ideal guest for this show. You'll enjoy Krisstina's enthusiasm and insights, so be sure you listen. [bctt tweet="#Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with @KrisstinaWise" username=""]

How Gifts Of Appreciation Build Powerful Relationships with John Ruhlin.

Everybody talks a good talk when it comes to the value of relationships. But very few people actually invest in those relationships in ways that stand out and really matter. My guest today is John Ruhlin, founder of The Ruhlin Group - a strategic appreciation and gift giving service that helps you create your own relationship action plan to consistently show your appreciation by giving gifts of appreciation. You're going to learn a lot about the practical steps it takes to give gifts that set you apart and deepen relationships, so do what you can to hear what John has to say on this episode. [bctt tweet="How Gifts Of #Appreciation Build Powerful #Relationships, with John @Ruhlin" username=""]

How To Become An Asset To Your Professional Connections with Michael Roderick

Gone are the days when professional connections exist only to serve business or professional goals. When you take the time to build generous and genuine connections with others, whether they seem like an advantageous connection to have or not, you are opening the door to becoming an asset to them and their network of connections, on a number of levels. And when they see you as an asset, you become valued and top of mind. Today's episode features Michael Roderick, a guy who's made it his business to study and apply the art of connection making and has a lot to share about the power and benefit of doing so. You're going to learn some critical things for relational success from Michael on this episode. [bctt tweet="How To Become An Asset To Your Professional #Connections with @MichaelRoderick" username=""]

Bring the Real You To What You Do with Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne believes that the real you is who people really want to know. We're all tired of fakeness - the masks people put on to impress. What's the alternative? Being yourself. People are much more attracted to the real you - believe it or not - than they will EVER be attracted to a fake persona you use to impress them. Susan has great insights to share on this episode about networking, making genuine connections, the power of follow-up, and much more. Be sure you take the time to listen. [bctt tweet="Bring the #RealYou To What You Do with @SusanRoAne" username=""]
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Be Yourself For Greater Relationships And Business Success with Dawn Doherty

You need to learn to be yourself. So do I. It's so easy to fall into the trap of putting on a face that you think others want to see. We tend to think we have to be that way if we are going to appeal to people, but it's not true. When we learn to be ourselves, great things happen. Really. My guest today is Dawn Doherty, an executive coach and speaker who is laser-focused on helping you learn how to be your authentic self. She believes that when you are the you, you are created to be, you will experience breakthroughs like you've never experienced. Find out more from Dawn and hear how she encourages that kind of personal breakthrough, on this episode of Real Relationships. [bctt tweet="#BeYourself For Greater #Relationships And #BusinessSuccess with @DawnDCoach " username=""]

Providing A Gathering Place For Powerful Community Building with Chris Schembra

The deep South where Chris Schembra is from once had massive oak trees in a central part of each town. They were the gathering places, the locations where people would come together to learn news from the outside world, to share their experiences, to receive the help and advice they needed. In other parts of the world, the gathering place may have been a coffee shop, church, or local tavern. In the modern world true gathering places of that kind are becoming fewer and fewer, but Chris Schembra wants to change that. On this episode of Real Relationships, you can learn how Chris has developed The 747 Club in an attempt to bring people together for the sake of building relationships that serve the greater good. It's an amazing concept and you'll enjoy hearing Chris's vision and enthusiasm - and how it translates into business. [bctt tweet="Providing A #GatheringPlace For Powerful #CommunityBuilding with " username="CSchembra"]
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Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with Dorie Clark

dorie-clark-podcast-splashAre you a focal point in your industry? I host this podcast because I want to help professionals think differently about the way connections are made in business. I want them to learn to build real relationships that not only fuel business but last over time. On this episode, I'm featuring my friend, Dorie Clark, a woman who has learned to build those kinds of relationships in a way that many people haven't even considered. She hosts social and business events herself with hopes of meeting the people she needs to meet, making connections for others, and becoming a focal point who people see as a valuable connection to their networks. It's an ingenious idea that I believe you'll benefit from, so be sure to listen. [bctt tweet="Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with" username="DorieClark"]
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Selling The Dream: Helping People Get Where They Want To Go, with Melissa Kwan

melissa-kwan-podcast-splash-3 Real estate is about selling the dream of home ownership. At least that's how Melissa Kwan sees it. And she's all about helping people accomplish their dreams - so when her background in real estate combined with her entrepreneurial bent, she was off in a flash to create something to help agents and customers connect and make that dream happen. The outcome is Spacio, Melissa's startup company that aims to make the way real estate open houses are done a better experience for prospective buyers and a better sales opportunity for agents. She believes that if she can help the people on both sides of that equation, everyone wins. You'll enjoy hearing Melissa's energy and passion expressed, on this episode. [bctt tweet="#SellingTheDream Through #HelpingPeople Get Where They Want To Go, with Melissa Kwan" username="GoSpacioPro"]
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Building Relationships That Fuel Friendships and Business Success with Josh Baer

josh-baer-podcast-splashIf you have the chance to spend any amount of time in the Austin, TX business community, you're going to hear the name, Josh Baer. There's no doubt about it. That's because Josh has made it a goal to not only BE integrally connected to what's going on in the Austin business community, he's also made it his aim to be one of the primary connectors of that community. That means Josh works hard at meeting people, connecting them to each other, and adding the right kind of value to those he comes into contact with. This conversation reveals why Josh sees building relationships in the business community as a vital part of what he does and uncovers some of the practical ways he goes about doing that. I'd love for you to meet and learn from Josh, so be sure you listen up! [bctt tweet="Building #Relationships That Fuel Friendships and #Business #Success with" username="JoshuaBaer"]
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How To Build Business Relationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baehr

evan-baehr-podcast-splash Building better business relationships is a hot topic. You can spend lots of time reading blog posts and listening to podcast episodes about it. But rather than spend all that time trying to find good advice and perspectives, you'd be better off listening to somebody who does it well. One of the people that come to my mind right away is Evan Baehr. In this conversation I ask Evan some pretty straightforward questions about why he sees relationships as one of the best assets he has in business and how he goes about establishing, nurturing, and extending those relationships in ways that not only benefit him and his company but also the person on the other end. [bctt tweet="How To Build #BusinessRelationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baeher " username="ablelending"]

In the end, relationships may be the only place where I can truly meet a need.

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Online Branding Success Over the Long Haul, with Jed Carlson

Jed CarlsonBranding is still kind of a mystery to many people, and online branding is even more of an enigma. But when you get the chance to talk with someone who's an expert at it - like my guest today, Jed Carlson - everything becomes clear. I'm excited to share this chat with you because Jed is such a generous guy and gives so much incredible help about how to establish, grow, and sustain a branding machine that can drive your business over the long haul. If you listen to this episode and don't leave with something actionable, you'd be one of the few. Take a break in your day to listen to this one. You'll thank me for it.
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Building a Real Estate Business Through Love and Service, with Alyssa Hellman

Alyssa HellmanAlyssa Hellman is building a successful real estate business in ways that are contrary to the tried and true tactics of most real estate professionals. She says she's not in sales, she's in the service business. She majors on caring for people before closing transactions. And she's truly helpful rather than sales-y. On this episode, I'm chatting with Alyssa about the things that are working for her as she builds a successful real estate and training business in Raleigh, NC. You'll love her contagious attitude of caring and by the end of the conversation, I know you'll really believe what she's saying: Relationships matter more. NOTE: Since we recorded, Alyssa has joined the team at Bamboo Realty. [bctt tweet="Building a #RealEstate Business Through #Love and #Service, with Alyssa Hellman " username="AVHellman"]