How Can Real Estate Agents Become Top Producers?

How Can Real Estate Agents Become Top Producers? Most full-time professional real estate agents want to become top producers, but not all agents reach that goal. Becoming a top producer takes time, education and a lot of hard work. Agents must develop their skills, systems and tools to reach that ...

5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Through Networking

In an industry driven by relationships, having a strong personal brand is at the forefront of any agent's marketing, especially as social media continues to give the world a closer look at our lives. Through developing and growing a strong personal brand, agents can grow their network, increase their conversion rate, and gain more referrals. We outline 5 tips to help get agents started.

The Power of Relationships for More Business and Referrals, with Nikki Beauchamp

power of relationshipsIf you've listened to Real Relationships for any length of time you know that the premise for the podcast and the business behind it is that relationships matter. It's not just that they matter for increased business and profit, it's that they matter for the long-haul to increase your quality of life. This episode features Nikki Beauchamp, a dynamic luxury real estate agent in New York City who has built her business on the referrals that flow out of the relationships she's established. She's a strong advocate for the power of relationships in building a business long-term. She and I chat about how she learned to build such cooperative relationships with her clients and what it means to make clients truly happy. You'll enjoy hearing her perspective, on this episode.

Caring is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage - Jayson Gaignard

If you want a competitive advantage in business you know that relationships play an important part in it. But it's not about how MANY relationships you have, it's about the level of quality those relationships are. On this episode, I am speaking with my friend Jayson Gaignard who is one of the most skillful people I know at building quality relationships. I asked him how he learned the skill, what he recommends for those who want to begin building quality relationships, and what the ROI is of doing so. You are going to learn a lot from this episode.  

How to Network While You're on Vacation

Recently, our VP of Marketing Joel Mier, shared a story with the Contactually team about how he did some networking while on vacation with his family in the Cayman Islands. Joel moonlights as a Marketing professor at the University of Richmond and a few months ago had sent a ScaleMail out to some of his former students to see how they were doing. One of his students replied that she was working on a boat out of the Cayman Islands, a detail he remembered when he headed there for a recent vacation. They reconnected and even met for a drink...a whole 1,279 miles from where they first initially met in the classroom. The moral of the story? Networking doesn't need to be saved for business casual attire and awkward cocktail conversations during the work week. Networking is far more than stiff small talk, and it's well expanded beyond the boundaries of old school networking events. Much of it can now be done online, a huge plus for those of us who may be more shy or unable to take the time to go to events. And why should you be networking? About 85% of all jobs are found and filled via networking and that's just the tip of the iceberg! If you're a real estate agent or small business owner, you'll know that referrals are a huge part of building up your success, and doesn't proper networking work towards getting those crucial referrals? So before you head out for your next vacation or weekend getaway, with a little upfront work, you can set yourself up to get some networking done, even if you're lounging on the beach in the Cayman Islands!

3 Tips on how to network on vacation:


Roh Habibi: Building a Long-Term Business Through Real Relationships

Before Roh Habibi was featured on Million Dollar Listing he was already an amazingly successful real estate broker in the San Francisco Bay area. He says that his success was not built on technology or fancy real estate strategies, but rather through building real relationships with people. He's my kind of guy. On this episode of Real Relationships, you're going to hear how Roh started his business, built it to scale, and is now working hard to be the go-to guy for real estate in the bay area. It's a great conversation.

Building Real Relationships As Long-Term Business Gains, with Chris Fralic

Chris Fralic is one of the most intentional, genuine people I know when it comes to building relationships. He sees himself as a connection maker and works hard to ensure that he's thinking long-term instead of simply transactional. On this episode of Real Relationships, Chris shares how he developed his emphasis on relationships, why it's important for business builders, and how it applies to things like follow-up, email, and introductions. You'll get a ton of value from this conversation with Chris.
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Likability As A Key To Relational Connections And Success, with Michelle Lederman

Michelle Lederman would never say that she can teach you to be likable, even though she's author of the book, "The 11 Laws of Likability." But what she would tell you is that there are very specific things that contribute to our take away from your ability to be likable. The more you understand these things - and more importantly, understand yourself for the sake of working on your likability - the more likely it is that you will become a person others feel they can know, LIKE, and trust. I'm glad Michelle agreed to be on the show. She unpacked some of the vague terms we hear these days like authenticity, vulnerability, and more. You'll enjoy this episode.

When Your Real Estate Leads Become a Network of People

Full disclaimer - leads are great for business. A healthy funnel of leads typically means that your business is gaining some recognition, and the public is generally interested in your services, and the solutions you're offering. Converting leads to closed transactions is a healthy sign of business growth as well. Yes - leads are good, and everyone in real estate would love to get more. Here's the thing - when our business is about catering to an experience - in this case, it is home ownership - we can't speak about lead generation and conversion in the same manner as other industries. Real Estate is about caring for arguably one of the most emotional transactions a person will ever make. If we were to trade places with our clients, we would want to have an agent on our side looking out for our interest - both from a financial and a personal perspective. The moment we sense that our agent only cares for his commission, and sees us as the conduit to that commission, we will lose faith in the transaction, in the agent, or worse in the industry all together. No one wants to be treated like they don't matter...or worse, like something to be used and disposed of afterwards.

Start treating your real estate leads like the people they are...


How To Make A Social Relationship A Real Relationship, with Amy Chorew

Social media is supposed to facilitate truly social interactions between real people - in other words, it's supposed to build real relationships. Amy Chorew, my guest on this episode, says that if your use of social media is not facilitating a real social relationship with people, then you don't understand the purpose of social media. Amy is a former real estate agent now working with Better Home and Gardens Real Estate. Her role there is specifically aimed at helping real estate agents better use social media to foster social relationships, with the hope that those relationships lead to sales. You'll enjoy hearing Amy's enthusiasm and perspective, so be sure you listen to this episode. [bctt tweet="How To Make A Social #Relationship A Real Relationship, w @AmyChorew" username=""]

Top 3 Body Language Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

"Actions speak louder than words" is an expression that we've heard time and time again and it still has value today, especially in the workplace. Studies show that only 7 percent of the communication is actually based on what we say, while 38 percent of our communication comes from our tone of voice. However, body language accounts for the other 55 percent of our communication. Body language is a key element of both personal and professional life, and is often the aspect of communication focused on the least. It can make or break a first impression, change a conversation, or even be linked to declining profits. Whether you're slouched at your desk at work or looking around during a conversation with a friend, body language is a key indicator as to what an individual is thinking and feeling. While it is important to focus on what we say and how we say, more people, especially those in client facing businesses, should learn about body language and the messages it sends. Read ahead to find out if you're committing any of the common body language faux pas and suggestions on how to avoid them.

3 Body Language Mistakes...


Understanding Who's in Your Sphere of Influence

Did you see the title and scratch your head wondering what the heck a sphere of influence is...and if you have one? That's okay, you're certainly not alone and yes you definitely have one, even if you don't realize it! If we're going by the definition below (that's the second bulleted one) then you can think of your sphere of influence as the folks in your network with whom your opinion holds some weight. This can be anyone from your peers, friends, co-workers and beyond, and once you identify this layer of your network, you can begin to improve your communication with them and engage in a more meaningful way with them. Don't think you've got a sphere or not sure why you should prioritize them? Think again, they might be hiding right in plain sight in your network and you'll want to keep them top of mind because these are the people who are your biggest supporters, advocates and can often provide a boost to your business. We'll help you to run through your network and better identify the very important SOI so you can best nurture them.

Who's in my sphere of influence?


How Gifts Of Appreciation Build Powerful Relationships with John Ruhlin.

Everybody talks a good talk when it comes to the value of relationships. But very few people actually invest in those relationships in ways that stand out and really matter. My guest today is John Ruhlin, founder of The Ruhlin Group - a strategic appreciation and gift giving service that helps you create your own relationship action plan to consistently show your appreciation by giving gifts of appreciation. You're going to learn a lot about the practical steps it takes to give gifts that set you apart and deepen relationships, so do what you can to hear what John has to say on this episode. [bctt tweet="How Gifts Of #Appreciation Build Powerful #Relationships, with John @Ruhlin" username=""]

Top 10 Reasons Online Networking is More Effective Than In-Person Networking

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on the Huffington Post and can be found here.

Meeting people in real life, face-to-face is important for building professional relationships, but I'd be willing to bet that most of us -- whether introverted or extroverted -- do not enjoy the awkward interactions that are common when meeting strangers face-to-face for the first time. Networking events can feel like high school dances. Some packs of people who know each other stick together in cliques, never truly reaching out of their comfort zone. Others sit on the sidelines like wallflowers, waiting to go home to their pajamas and The Tonight Show. A scarce few may end up networking with someone they end up having a fruitful business relationship with, but most of us are lucky to leave with a few pleasant exchanges and business cards. Networking online, however, provides a much greater chance of success. It allows for a more thoughtful approach.

10 Reasons to start networking online:


[User Interview] Creating Long-Term Connections with Real Estate Clients

In our latest customer spotlight, we chatted with Lee Goldstein, a local DC real estate agent, and avid Contactually user. Lee is currently a managing partner and associate broker at RLAH Real Estate. Lee has over 18 years of experience in the real estate industry and has been ranked consistently in the top 5% of real estate agents nationally. Lee builds his real estate business around being a local, neighborhood based, and customer service oriented agent. Market expertise, the highest level of integrity, and unparalleled customer relationships have led him to become one of the most respected agents in the Washington, D.C. region. Prior to becoming a Partner at Real Living At Home, Lee founded and managed his own successful brokerage firm, Northgate Realty. Lee is also extremely active in the real estate community. He earned the GRI (Graduate of the Realtor Institute) designation in 2004, an accolade reserved for those agents most dedicated to the real estate industry. He has also served on numerous committees at the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors, including his appointment as Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee in 2016.

Read on for our latest Contactually user interview:


Bring the Real You To What You Do with Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne believes that the real you is who people really want to know. We're all tired of fakeness - the masks people put on to impress. What's the alternative? Being yourself. People are much more attracted to the real you - believe it or not - than they will EVER be attracted to a fake persona you use to impress them. Susan has great insights to share on this episode about networking, making genuine connections, the power of follow-up, and much more. Be sure you take the time to listen. [bctt tweet="Bring the #RealYou To What You Do with @SusanRoAne" username=""]

Networking Tips to Get the Most out of In-Person Meetings

Editor's Note: This blog post was originally published on Ray Access' blog. You can see it here.

We believe in the power of networking. For local marketing, face-to-face networking has provided us with a local web of clients and partners. These connections serve several business purposes. They've:

  • Created professional relationships that we continually nurture
  • Effectively spread word-of-mouth brand awareness for us
  • Delivered projects and referrals that directly add to our bottom line
  • Provided opportunities for us to give back to the business community

In short, networking is a valuable tool for increasing your local business. We [Ray Access] think so highly of networking that we've written about it before:

But There's More to Say...


How to Reinvigorate a Past Relationship

The "Big Idea" behind relationship marketing is that staying engaged with key relationships puts you at a strategic advantage for your current business efforts and the task at hand. By consistently following up, keeping these relationships warm, and adding value, we are able to nurture new, repeat, and referral business opportunities. One of the hardest parts of this, however, is that pesky little word consistently. As much as we try:
  • There are people who we forget about.
  • There are people who we worked with at one point, then moved on.
  • There are introductions we never followed up on, in-person meetings we never kept track of, etc...
  • Bottom line, there are people in our past network that we rediscover the importance of.
We all know that feeling - for whatever reason or another, you find yourself staring at a contact record for someone who you haven't spoken to in two or three years. If only I had stayed in touch!

How to revive your past relationships:


The Best Networking Advice from 2016

Each year, we publish countless blog posts here on the Contactually blog full of advice, actionable tips and strategies for improving and implementing networking into your personal and professional life. By the end of the year, it's easy to forget exactly what we wrote about back at the beginning of the year....but we do know there's some great advice buried back there in January! That's why we put together this handy roundup of all the best advice and tips we shared throughout the year that could be helpful for everyone from the folks looking to build up their network for the first time to seasoned pros who may need to get back in touch with contacts in their network that they haven't spoken to in a while. No matter what your networking experience is, it never hurts to get a little refresher, right? And if you're looking for a little more, head directly to the original article and soak it all in!

Read on for the best networking advice of the year!

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Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with Dorie Clark

dorie-clark-podcast-splashAre you a focal point in your industry? I host this podcast because I want to help professionals think differently about the way connections are made in business. I want them to learn to build real relationships that not only fuel business but last over time. On this episode, I'm featuring my friend, Dorie Clark, a woman who has learned to build those kinds of relationships in a way that many people haven't even considered. She hosts social and business events herself with hopes of meeting the people she needs to meet, making connections for others, and becoming a focal point who people see as a valuable connection to their networks. It's an ingenious idea that I believe you'll benefit from, so be sure to listen. [bctt tweet="Become The Focal Point To Make Better Professional Connections, with" username="DorieClark"]
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Building Relationships That Fuel Friendships and Business Success with Josh Baer

josh-baer-podcast-splashIf you have the chance to spend any amount of time in the Austin, TX business community, you're going to hear the name, Josh Baer. There's no doubt about it. That's because Josh has made it a goal to not only BE integrally connected to what's going on in the Austin business community, he's also made it his aim to be one of the primary connectors of that community. That means Josh works hard at meeting people, connecting them to each other, and adding the right kind of value to those he comes into contact with. This conversation reveals why Josh sees building relationships in the business community as a vital part of what he does and uncovers some of the practical ways he goes about doing that. I'd love for you to meet and learn from Josh, so be sure you listen up! [bctt tweet="Building #Relationships That Fuel Friendships and #Business #Success with" username="JoshuaBaer"]
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How To Build Business Relationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baehr

evan-baehr-podcast-splash Building better business relationships is a hot topic. You can spend lots of time reading blog posts and listening to podcast episodes about it. But rather than spend all that time trying to find good advice and perspectives, you'd be better off listening to somebody who does it well. One of the people that come to my mind right away is Evan Baehr. In this conversation I ask Evan some pretty straightforward questions about why he sees relationships as one of the best assets he has in business and how he goes about establishing, nurturing, and extending those relationships in ways that not only benefit him and his company but also the person on the other end. [bctt tweet="How To Build #BusinessRelationships That Really Matter, with Evan Baeher " username="ablelending"]

In the end, relationships may be the only place where I can truly meet a need.


Top 7 Networking Gurus to Follow on Twitter

To be successful in the professional world today, you need help from others. Networking, as well as education and prior job experience, is one of the most impactful things that will improve your career. According to a survey conducted by Forbes in 2010, over 40% of new jobs derive from networking compared to only 25% coming from job boards. Networking, also known as relationship building, is what Contactually's mission is centered on: To help relationship-focused professionals expand opportunities through authentic and timely engagement. Software alone cannot make you into a great networker, so below we have compiled the top networking influencers. These individuals are experts in networking and career guidance, so follow and keep up with their work so that you become a first rate networker!

Learn how to network with these influencers:


Using Contactually to Nurture Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is the world's largest online business network. Unfortunately LinkedIn makes it really tough to keep in contact with your connections. Luckily, that's where Contactually can help you by nurturing your potential prospects that you are connected with on LinkedIn through some simple emails and automation. In this post, I'll walk you through my personal process for nurturing my LinkedIn connections successfully and consistently through just 4 simple steps.

4 Steps to Nurturing Connections from LinkedIn:

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Building a Real Estate Business Through Love and Service, with Alyssa Hellman

Alyssa HellmanAlyssa Hellman is building a successful real estate business in ways that are contrary to the tried and true tactics of most real estate professionals. She says she's not in sales, she's in the service business. She majors on caring for people before closing transactions. And she's truly helpful rather than sales-y. On this episode, I'm chatting with Alyssa about the things that are working for her as she builds a successful real estate and training business in Raleigh, NC. You'll love her contagious attitude of caring and by the end of the conversation, I know you'll really believe what she's saying: Relationships matter more. NOTE: Since we recorded, Alyssa has joined the team at Bamboo Realty. [bctt tweet="Building a #RealEstate Business Through #Love and #Service, with Alyssa Hellman " username="AVHellman"]

5 Professionals for the Best Real Estate Partner Referrals

If you don't have specific referral partnerships with other professionals in your community, then you're missing out on some piping hot leads. As a realtor you're expected to be the person that is well connected and can make introductions for just about anything someone new to the neighborhood might need or is looking for. Getting strategic and thinking about all the needs your clients might have - ahead of time - and knowing who the right person to introduce them to, will be valuable to your clients and those professionals you end up recommending screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-17-46-pm If you set up partnerships, those introductions will turn into leads as well. If you need more proof before moving forward check out this study from Community 2 Business. 80% of people look for others referrals before making a purchasing decision. That's good news for you and your partners. You can both grow your businesses for each other. Here is my list of professions to have referral partners in for real estate.

5 Picks of Professionals to make a Referral Partner


Building Strong Relationships Paves the Way to Continued Success

This article was originally published by RISMedia. Copyright 2016.

As real estate markets throughout the country continue to improve and the demands placed on real estate professionals mount at an alarming rate, staying in touch with your sphere of influence is not only challenging, it's typically one of the first tasks that gets pushed to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. But in an industry founded on the premise of not knowing where your next referral is coming from, staying in touch isn't just a good idea--it's a necessity. The question is how to do so consistently, easily, and authentically. And thanks to Contactually, Ted Schaar--broker/owner of RE/MAX Gallery in Glendale, Wis.--is not only able to maximize his network ROI, he's also getting more referrals and gaining more repeat business on a consistent basis.

How Ted builds his real estate relationships...


Finding Enthusiasm in Your Business Relationships

Joshua Evans' specialty lies in enthusiasm. Specifically in finding his clients' enthusiasm in both their personal and professional lives, in an effort to improve those lives overall. He works as both a coach and a professional speaker, and maintains his relationships and large network with Contactually. The cornerstone of his business is building enthusiasm into your life, whether that be helping to develop a small business' culture or coaching his clients one-on-one, Evans and his team coach and train their way into helping you find your passion...and who doesn't want more of that? His story reminds us that although automating part of our business can be crucial to making our lives easier, it should mean that we have more time to spend devoting to building relationships within our network.

Contactually User Interview:


The Three Best Recipes for Your Next Open House

Daydreaming break: take a second, close your eyes, and think back to the best meal you've eaten recently. My sincere apologies if you haven't had lunch yet. Got it? I'm willing to bet my favorite kitchen knife - a Masanobu VG-10 gyutou - that you remember more than just the food you ate. Likely, you also remember the occasion, the location, and the people you shared the meal with. I'm now well into my twenty-fifth year conducting an in-depth longitudinal study on the connection between food and memory. Or, more accurately, I grew up in a large Italian family that loves food. But setting the methodology aside, I think it's indisputable that food builds bonds, enhances memories, and accelerates relationships. But why am I touting the power of food on the Contactually blog? As a service professional, you win business when the right person thinks of you at the right time. I contend that food provides an underutilized opportunity to make that lasting impression with all of those right people. The next time you prepare food for a function or your open house, print off cards with the recipe on one side and your contact information on the other, and leave them next to your dish! You never know - a hungry mind and a tasty dish could provide you with your next business opportunity from an inspired snacker.

3 Recipes for your next open house:


[INTERVIEW] Doing What You Love & Building Up Your Brand

Recognized as a branding expert and featured in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Mashable, CNBC, SmartMoney, and more, Jeremy Goldman is the founder and CEO of Firebrand Group, an award-winning firm focused on building powerful brands through innovative digital marketing and social media strategies. With clients that range from big names like Colgate, Amtrak, and Inc., it's clear that Jeremy and his team are pros at what they do. Their services fall under the digital marketing umbrella and brands can get their help on mobile marketing, social amplification, and digital positioning, all crucial aspects of getting your brand out there in our digital age. In addition to his work managing Firebrand Group, Jeremy is columnist for and recently released his second book in May 2016, Getting to Like: How to Boost Your Personal and Professional Brand to Expand Opportunities, Grow Your Business, and Achieve Financial Success (with co-author Ali B. Zagat). Jeremy shared his insights with us on the art of using social media to market yourself and your business, what his preference is for a social media platform for networking and why you would want to build up and market your personal brand in the first place.

Contactually Influencer Interview...


[GUIDE] Own Your Network in 7 Days

We all know that your your net worth. And your network so often can help build or break your business, but how exactly do you own your network and make it do the work for you? We'll argue that one of the best ways to stay on top of your network is by staying top-of-mind with them. Beyond being memorable, and beyond being that guy that everyone knows, you want to provide value to the folks you have relationships with in your network, because we all know that you're so much more than what you do for your business. It doesn't take much, maybe it's a coffee invite one week and a quick shoutout on Twitter or LinkedIn the next week, but no matter what, try to be intentional with every interaction with your network by providing them some sort of value.

Best way to network and own it in 7 days:


[INTERVIEW] "Matchmaking" Or the Art of Networking

From a public school teacher in Chicago, to being named by Forbes as one of The Top 25 Networkers to Follow in 2015, Susan RoAne has an impressive resume that spans the gamut. But, what she's best known for is being a keynote speaker with expertise in helping her audiences through connecting and and communicating in today's complicated business world. Her bestselling book How to Work a Room(r) was groundbreaking when it was published 25 years ago and has sold over a million copies since then. She is also the author of half a dozen other books on networking including What Do I Say Next? and Face To Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch in A Digital World. Susan's been hailed as an expert in face-to-face communications and you can find her tips and suggestions all over the media and web, but we were lucky enough to snag her for some personalized tips from her on all things networking and building relationships. Biggest takeaway? Don't discredit the art of in-person networking, and certainly don't skimp out on being as personalized and conversational as you can be when you reach out to new connections or follow-up with your current network. Read on to glean the expertise from the Mingling Mastermind herself

Contactually Influencer Interview with Susan RoAne...


How to Make Yourself Unforgettable to Your Network

How many people a day do you come into contact with? A week? A year? It's safe to say that the number's pretty big, and the same goes for all those people who in turn come into contact with you. You might just be a blip on their radar of all the people they meet, while you can't forget them. We're looking into what makes those folks so memorable, and how you can make yourself an unforgettable person in your own network. The theory behind our dive into becoming unforgettable is inspired by Chip and Dan Heath's Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. While the Heath brothers study what makes ideas and marketing pushes 'sticky,' we find that the same principles apply for what makes a person memorable and dare we say...unforgettable?

How to be memorable:


How a Technology Tutor Built Her Business on Techie Tips and Client Endorsements

You may have noticed..we love our customers and Contactually users. There's nothing better than learning the background of our users and all the different ways they experiment within the app and build it to make it work for their business and relationships. While we outline a general way to utilize Contactually to all of our users, no matter what business they're in, they always find a way to customize their experience. Whether they're using it to remind them to send a handwritten card, or even setting up a lunch date, there's no one single way to build up your network and relationships...we're just happy to be along to help on the journey! In an effort to showcase our users, the work they do, and how they get it done with Contactually, we're sharing interviews with some of our awesome customers who in turn are sharing their unique story about the relationships they've built in their business's journey.

Meet Mardi Boettcher...

mardi Mardi is a self-proclaimed 'techie' out of Palm Desert, California. After moving out to the Desert to help with her aging mother in 2010, she found that much of the help she was providing...was tech related. When she realized that many of her mother's friends were in a similar situation, her tutoring service, Desert Computer Tutor, was born. Whether she's helping business people to utilize technology to increase their productivity, or assisting clients in mastering the latest operating system or cell phone, Mardi says her biggest reward is seeing her "clients' relief as they get over little obstacles and start to fully enjoy the many benefits of modern technology."

How a Personal Coach Nurtures Her Network with Just 10 Emails a Year

Here at Contactually, we're all about building relationships, nurturing those relationships and utilizing them to help grow your business. It says it right in our mission statement, that we believe that the best businesses will be built on authentic relationships. We've found that although we generally outline how to use Contactually in the best way for our users, our diverse user-base is pretty creative in how they make the app work to fit exactly their needs and relationships. In an effort to showcase our users, the work they do, and how they get it done with Contactually, we're sharing interviews with some of our awesome customers who in turn are sharing their unique story about the relationships they've built in their business's journey.

Meet Elly van Laar...

2016-2-27, David Nayer 1 edited picmonkey Elly van Laar is a personal coach out of Austin, Texas. She teaches Nonviolent Communication and works as a mediator as well. But the common theme that runs throughout all of her work is her use of empathy in connecting with her clients and helping them to solve their problems. Elly is a practitioner of mindfulness and regularly updates her blog with anecdotes from her day-to-day and how she implements empathy...even in the supermarket. Her insights are valuable for anyone looking to form new habits or learn a little more about meditation and mindfulness, and how to implement them into their relationships.

Contactually User Interview ahead:


Why You Need to Keep Networking During Busy Season

Busy Season for real estate is between the the months of March to July. In these months, home searching and buying is at it's peak. Trulia published a report studying home online searches that mirrored just that showing that in many states people are searching to buy new or more properties during this time. Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.27.41 AM As a real estate agent, you probably have your hands full. Your calendar is booked, you have ongoing emails going out to your buyers and sellers, and you're going from open house to open house. There isn't a lot of time. for networking or building new relationships. But, we're here to tell you to get out of that mindset. Did you know that people who are looking to buy a house are beginning their search 6 to 12 months before? Imagine if your potential leads were searching for a home during the previous busy season. Did you reach out? Or were you too busy? There are many variables to this; however, the average real estate agent sells about 3 houses a year. You're not average, right? (Or at least you don't want to be) If most real estate agents are focused on things outside of relationship building and networking, this is your chance to stand out and to stack your odds that you come out on top.

Keep networking during real estate busy season...


5 of the Best Networking Tips from Top Real Estate Agents

Although you may be inclined to view other real estate agents as the competition, sometimes it's to your benefit to form positive relationships with your peers and the network of real estate agents you're a part of. More often than not, when you connect with other agents, you exchange stories (good and bad,) share what you're working on, and hopefully trade off some tips and tricks that you've learned along the way. With that in mind, we turned to the real estate agents in our own network here at Contactually and asked if they would share some of their top tips. With decades worth of combined real estate experience, one theme seemed to emerge from all the tips we got; being a real estate agent is tough, there's no easy way to go about it. But taking the time for your clients, your potential clients, and even those cold leads can make a huge difference for your business. And yes, that means going above and beyond the typical 9 to 5 work day.

Find the best real estate tips here...


Your Business Will Fail Without Your Network

Your relationships and network collectively are gardens that need constant maintenance. For a recent college graduate, that garden may seem like a bare patch of dirt and for someone well into their career there may be some trees that are bearing fruit. But, as I learned this garden doesn't just grow miraculously...there's a lot more there than you realize. In a much shorter than expected timeframe, I jumped out of my full-time job into hanging my own shingle. I'm sure many of you know the combined feeling of excitement, empowerment, and "oh-god-what-have-you-done." However, I knew I had the professional skills to be able to consult with clients and figure everything else out.

Harnessing your Networking Skills...


How to Network Without Going to Networking Events

We've all been to them or we've at least been invited to them, a mixer or industry networking event held at a local bar or restaurant...or worse, a conference center. What is it about these events that make our skin crawl or that sends introverts running back to their cubicles, wishing they were never invited? It feels like no matter what business you're in, it's all about who you know in order to make moves or move up in your career. While we don't necessarily subscribe to that rule, we do believe in the power of a good network and the importance of building relationships with your network and contacts. So, is there a way that you can make those crucial connections with other industry professionals without having to step foot in a crowded bar with a 'hello, my name is...' sticker on your shirt? We'd argue that yes, you absolutely can network without attending one of those cringe-y events. But first? You'll need to learn to love, or at least appreciate why networking is an important aspect of your career and even your personal life.

How to: Network without the Networking Events


5 Ways on How to Make an Introduction the Dale Carnegie Way

How to Win Friends and Influence People was written for almost any situation with human interactions. Dale Carnegie, although many of his examples were during his time, was a man that spoke of things that will resonate beyond when he wrote this timeless book. In regards to building relationships and networking, Carnegie presents a plethora of insights to do your best in both. We've written about how to write emails that influence a buyer's decision (the Dale Carnegie Way), yet how do you even start the email chain? What do you do when you don't even know the person? Yes, you can send a cold email, but what if you knew someone who could introduce you? Or what if it was the other way around? How do you write an awesome introduction...the Dale Carnegie way?

How to Make an Introduction the Dale Carnegie Way...