DIY Integrations: Using Zapier to Connect Contactually with Other Services

Contactually is all about helping you maximize the value of your relationships in an effective and efficient way. One way to achieve that goal is to connect other parts of your workflow to Contactually, to automate processes and to ensure that nothing gets dropped as you move between systems. ...

4 Vital Questions to Ask When Choosing a CRM Solution

Choosing the best CRM for your organization can be challenging when there are a variety of options and best practices to consider. One of the most crucial decisions you'll have to make is whether to go with an "all-in-one" CRM or "best-in-class" CRM. Learn more about the difference here.

Every Battle Can Be Won Before It's Fought: Are You Adopting The Right Techniques in Your CRM Onboarding?

Getting a CRM platform or software onto everyone's devices is not always an easy task and the reason for this is simple: human nature. You could be using best CRM software out there, but that doesn't guarantee that everyone is going to to be on board with it. Are you adopting the right techniques in your CRM onboarding? Find out here.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation?

In real estate, any company looking for sustained growth needs to have both a strong CRM platform and a robust Marketing Automation system. While there is some overlap between these two systems, they are very different in terms of who uses each one and the tasks that each system supports.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and ERP?

Customers are the backbone of your business, and for that reason you've got to be able to reach them and nurture your relationship with them to keep your business growing. Being able to manage these relationships requires organized, well-established business processes. Two of these processes are CRM and ERP, which we breakdown here.

The Benefits of CRM for Real Estate Professionals

Few industries are as emblematic of our dynamic, sometimes chaotic marketplace as real estate. With minimal barriers to entry and the ever-present potential for earning power and flexibility, real estate firms of all shapes and sizes are in a constant battle for market share and customer base in a hypercompetitive ...

Reading About CRM? Here Are the Top CRM Books and Blogs.

The field of customer relationship management (CRM) is dynamic. Any business that wants to learn more about maximizing their client relationships needs to stay as up to date on new CRM developments by using as many reliable resources as possible. Books Customer Relationship Management: A Databased Approach, by V. Kumar ...

What Is CRM? How Will It Increase Your Sales?

Real estate, like many businesses, is absolutely an industry focused on relationships. Truth be told, a real estate agent is a matchmaker that introduces buyers to the perfect property for them, and sellers to people who need what they are selling. Of course, agents speak with literally hundreds of people ...

The Power of Relationships for More Business and Referrals, with Nikki Beauchamp

power of relationshipsIf you've listened to Real Relationships for any length of time you know that the premise for the podcast and the business behind it is that relationships matter. It's not just that they matter for increased business and profit, it's that they matter for the long-haul to increase your quality of life. This episode features Nikki Beauchamp, a dynamic luxury real estate agent in New York City who has built her business on the referrals that flow out of the relationships she's established. She's a strong advocate for the power of relationships in building a business long-term. She and I chat about how she learned to build such cooperative relationships with her clients and what it means to make clients truly happy. You'll enjoy hearing her perspective, on this episode.

Decoding 'The Conversion Code' for Real Estate Agents

The sales funnel, the sales pipeline, whatever else the kids may be calling it these days, we all recognize the importance of having a strong process for converting leads into clients. But have you mastered it that process? Turns out there's a bit more to it than placing an ad and letting your phone ring off the hook with all those prospective leads. That's why we're breaking down The Conversion Code for real estate professionals looking to perfect their sales process and improve the experience of each and every lead that comes into their system. From their first glimpse at your website, to their final decision as they choose YOU as their real estate agent, we'll walk you through using the Conversion Code for yourself.

Caring is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage - Jayson Gaignard

If you want a competitive advantage in business you know that relationships play an important part in it. But it's not about how MANY relationships you have, it's about the level of quality those relationships are. On this episode, I am speaking with my friend Jayson Gaignard who is one of the most skillful people I know at building quality relationships. I asked him how he learned the skill, what he recommends for those who want to begin building quality relationships, and what the ROI is of doing so. You are going to learn a lot from this episode.  

7 Steps to Getting More Business from Existing Clients

Your current clients are extremely important. They're already paying you for products and services. And, they are likely happy with your offerings, especially if they've been long-term customers. If you aren't marketing to existing customers, you're missing an easy, low-cost source of making more sales. Getting more business from existing clients doesn't have to be a difficult chore. Learn how to increase revenue from existing customers with these seven easy steps.

7 Steps to getting more referrals:


7 Steps to Growing a Referral Based Business

All businesses know that one of the best ways to get new customers is by word of mouth. You need satisfied customers to recommend your name to other people looking for your service or product. That's common knowledge. It is how you can take your business to the next level. But the question is, how can a business get more customer referrals? How can you become "referable"? Referrals and word of mouth are at the core of successful businesses. Successful businesses have sustainable growth because their customers have an amazing experience and recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth creates more purchases. In fact, it is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of purchasing decisions. Sounds good, right? So how can your business get more referrals? We've broken down the key steps that you can apply today to start to have a successful business based on referrals.

How To Build Truly Meaningful Connections, with Jon Levy

One of the things Jon Levy will tell you from his research into human interactions and deep connections is that the thing that influences most as individuals is the people we are surrounded by. Jon has made it his business to learn all he can about the science and practical aspects of building meaningful connections - not just because it's interesting to him but also because it's a skill he wants to teach people so they can add true value to others. You won't want to miss this practical and powerful conversation.  

3 Must-Have Features for a Real Estate Agent CRM

Real estate agents who use a CRM are 26.2% more productive than agents who don't use one. You'll need a CRM with features designed with real estate agents in mind, and that your employees will actually use.

Introducing Team Tools -- Drive your team's success

Optimize the way you manage

Even the best real estate teams run into growing pains. When working with other agents, it becomes more difficult to coordinate as a single unit. Miscommunications and a lack of transparency create a disjointed process that affects everyone from team members to their valuable clients and prospects.

Streamline your workload and close more revenue

Contactually's new team tools are designed to help minimize the admin work and maximize closings. Admins and team leads can finally manage their teams without getting in their agents' way. Automatically distribute valuable leads across the team, then track conversions from start to finish without having to constantly ask your agents for updates. Ensure everyone on the team is following up with and nurturing their leads. Gain insight into areas for improvement and increase overall close rates.

"With the addition of Contactually, agent productivity has increased 40%." - David Conderman

Learn more about Contactually for teams...


Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with Krisstina Wise

"Relationships First" sounds like a great mantra to live by - and most of us would probably say that we agree with it. But my guest today is a woman who's truly proven how seriously she takes the idea. Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses and her forte in all of those things is the focus on people that makes the relationships she has real. Some of those lead to business, some don't - but Krisstina's ideal is to be curious about the people, the life they live, and how she can contribute to the enrichment of their experience. It's that kind of concern and care that sets her apart and makes her an ideal guest for this show. You'll enjoy Krisstina's enthusiasm and insights, so be sure you listen. [bctt tweet="#Relationships First Then The Business Will Follow, with @KrisstinaWise" username=""]

Managing and Maintaining My Contact List as a Freelancer

While most freelancers would love to simply wake up each day and have new work waiting for them, the reality is that half of a freelancer's job is tracking down great well-paying clients that understand the value you're providing. Freelancers often face dry spells as well as times of great abundance, but the nature of freelancing is tough. It's important to make the most out of each and every client relationship. Luckily, there are several things you can do to facilitate this process and make your business relationships blossom.

Managing my contact list and freelance work:


How I Manage My Contact List... Kinda

The most important part of networking is showing up. The second most important part is following up. I advocate for people to follow up with new contacts soon after they first meet, so each person is still fresh in each other's minds. I talk a lot about the importance of following up on my blog at Following up well should help you keep your contact list organized but the truth is mine is a hot mess. I have never been able to get into the habit of creating a single Gmail contact for each person I exchange emails with. The steps to add a contact in Gmail are a little clunky and end up taking too much time. And so I neglect keeping my contact list up to snuff. I used to stress about this but I found a solution you can use too.

Contact Management Solution...


How To Become An Asset To Your Professional Connections with Michael Roderick

Gone are the days when professional connections exist only to serve business or professional goals. When you take the time to build generous and genuine connections with others, whether they seem like an advantageous connection to have or not, you are opening the door to becoming an asset to them and their network of connections, on a number of levels. And when they see you as an asset, you become valued and top of mind. Today's episode features Michael Roderick, a guy who's made it his business to study and apply the art of connection making and has a lot to share about the power and benefit of doing so. You're going to learn some critical things for relational success from Michael on this episode. [bctt tweet="How To Become An Asset To Your Professional #Connections with @MichaelRoderick" username=""]

How to: Follow Up After Attending a Conference

It's been a week since Inman Connect - one of the top conferences for real estate technology. To no surprise, while there's amazing content on stage, the main attraction is the conversations.

But the real work of a conference is after.

We know that the moment you land back home, you have four days of emails to catch up, family that hasn't seen you, and day-to-day work that needs to be attended to. It takes a real strategy to ensure that your investment into attending the conference and taking dozens of meetings doesn't go to waste. Here's the strategy that I've implemented.

How to follow up after a conference:


How to Reinvigorate a Past Relationship

The "Big Idea" behind relationship marketing is that staying engaged with key relationships puts you at a strategic advantage for your current business efforts and the task at hand. By consistently following up, keeping these relationships warm, and adding value, we are able to nurture new, repeat, and referral business opportunities. One of the hardest parts of this, however, is that pesky little word consistently. As much as we try:
  • There are people who we forget about.
  • There are people who we worked with at one point, then moved on.
  • There are introductions we never followed up on, in-person meetings we never kept track of, etc...
  • Bottom line, there are people in our past network that we rediscover the importance of.
We all know that feeling - for whatever reason or another, you find yourself staring at a contact record for someone who you haven't spoken to in two or three years. If only I had stayed in touch!

How to revive your past relationships:


Bridge the Gap & Grow Your Business with Contactually

It happens to all of us in every aspect of life- we know we should do something but we choose not to. Right? We know we should exercise more and eat healthier. We know we should reach out to that old friend. We know we should vote. We know we should make the time to volunteer and give back. But we don't. Instead, we focus our energies on creative rationalization and procrastination. We do it in our professional lives, too. There are things we know we should do but find reasons not to. Don't agree? Not you? Maybe not. Let's put it to the test.

Ready to better your business?


[HOW TO] Using Contactually for Recruiting the Best Hires

You may have noticed that developing relationships are pretty important to us here at Contactually, and we believe that developing relationships can be crucial for all different types of businesses. Most of the time we're teaching you how to get referrals to people who are potential clients of yours using your network. This time I'll be taking you step by step through how to get referrals of a different kind: recruitment referrals. Recruiting is core to any business. You can't do amazing work for your clients without having amazing people to do it. If you're a lawyer, you need to hire great paralegals. If you're a real estate broker you need agents to sell properties. In the world of recruiting, referrals reign. If you need some convincing check out this infographic created by Jobvite, a respected applicant tracking technology company. The stat that jumps out to me; 40% of referred candidates are hired, yet referrals only make up 7% of total applications. As a business owner, the relationships of your employees are an asset that can lead you to hiring great people. Those you hire through referrals will cost you less money to hire, will be better quality candidates, and they'll stay at your company for longer. When you add all that in the mix, investing in relationships is a no brainer for this side of your business as well.

3 Steps to start recruiting with Contactually:


Feature Update: Powerful Search With Custom Fields

As your network grows... Your real estate business is rapidly growing. You're meeting new clients, gaining more referrals and generating new business like never before. With a growing book of business you're more likely to overlook some of your most valuable connections. It becomes increasingly difficult to sift through your ...

6 Ways to Generate Leads Without Picking Up the Phone

If you've ever worked in sales, you probably had to cold call prospects. And if you have ever had to cold call your prospects, you probably hated it. Those of us in sales are constantly looking for ways to work smarter instead of harder. With new technology emerging daily and a strategic focus on inbound techniques, outbound efforts have the potential to be reduced significantly without compromising growth or revenue. Can you imagine only having hot leads? Making dials down a random list of cold prospects can often be a massive waste of time. Ask any sales manager what type of leads they would prefer their team work with, and they will say inbound every single time. Ask any real estate professional the types of leads they would prefer and they will tell you "referrals." The quality of a lead matters. Every minute in a salesperson's workday matters. Being mindful of where leads are coming from is the new form of smart outreach. With a strategic plan and a focus on relationships, inbound leads will be your entire dial list. Effective inbound marketing tactics create an influx of leads without requiring the outbound outreach that every sales person dreads.

6 Ways to get better leads and avoid cold calling:


7 Crucial Metrics to Measure for Follow-Ups

When you send an email you are probably expecting a response. Sometimes that response comes, and sometimes all you hear are the sounds of crickets. The next proper step that you think of is to follow up. You want the answers to the questions you have. Or maybe you need the answers because they are vital to a business transaction. Maybe it's not a questioning thing, but maybe the follow-up is vital to your networking skills. You need to stay top of mind with your contacts to grow your business. Don't worry, you are not alone in this. We know these challenges all too well. You've sent dozens of follow-ups for one or both of the reasons above; how do you know if they are working? You've gotten a few replies, but some of your follow-ups are still hanging out in the ether of the dark email universe. Are you sending out follow-ups blindly? Or are you measuring the performance of your follow-ups? What are the metrics you need to keep tabs on so that your follow-ups get answered? Over the past year our users have sent millions of follow-ups out of Contactually and here are the top 7 metrics to measure for your follow-up performance.

What you start measuring for your follow-ups...


How a Technology Tutor Built Her Business on Techie Tips and Client Endorsements

You may have noticed..we love our customers and Contactually users. There's nothing better than learning the background of our users and all the different ways they experiment within the app and build it to make it work for their business and relationships. While we outline a general way to utilize Contactually to all of our users, no matter what business they're in, they always find a way to customize their experience. Whether they're using it to remind them to send a handwritten card, or even setting up a lunch date, there's no one single way to build up your network and relationships...we're just happy to be along to help on the journey! In an effort to showcase our users, the work they do, and how they get it done with Contactually, we're sharing interviews with some of our awesome customers who in turn are sharing their unique story about the relationships they've built in their business's journey.

Meet Mardi Boettcher...

mardi Mardi is a self-proclaimed 'techie' out of Palm Desert, California. After moving out to the Desert to help with her aging mother in 2010, she found that much of the help she was providing...was tech related. When she realized that many of her mother's friends were in a similar situation, her tutoring service, Desert Computer Tutor, was born. Whether she's helping business people to utilize technology to increase their productivity, or assisting clients in mastering the latest operating system or cell phone, Mardi says her biggest reward is seeing her "clients' relief as they get over little obstacles and start to fully enjoy the many benefits of modern technology."

How a Personal Coach Nurtures Her Network with Just 10 Emails a Year

Here at Contactually, we're all about building relationships, nurturing those relationships and utilizing them to help grow your business. It says it right in our mission statement, that we believe that the best businesses will be built on authentic relationships. We've found that although we generally outline how to use Contactually in the best way for our users, our diverse user-base is pretty creative in how they make the app work to fit exactly their needs and relationships. In an effort to showcase our users, the work they do, and how they get it done with Contactually, we're sharing interviews with some of our awesome customers who in turn are sharing their unique story about the relationships they've built in their business's journey.

Meet Elly van Laar...

2016-2-27, David Nayer 1 edited picmonkey Elly van Laar is a personal coach out of Austin, Texas. She teaches Nonviolent Communication and works as a mediator as well. But the common theme that runs throughout all of her work is her use of empathy in connecting with her clients and helping them to solve their problems. Elly is a practitioner of mindfulness and regularly updates her blog with anecdotes from her day-to-day and how she implements empathy...even in the supermarket. Her insights are valuable for anyone looking to form new habits or learn a little more about meditation and mindfulness, and how to implement them into their relationships.

Contactually User Interview ahead:


Your Business Will Fail Without Your Network

Your relationships and network collectively are gardens that need constant maintenance. For a recent college graduate, that garden may seem like a bare patch of dirt and for someone well into their career there may be some trees that are bearing fruit. But, as I learned this garden doesn't just grow miraculously...there's a lot more there than you realize. In a much shorter than expected timeframe, I jumped out of my full-time job into hanging my own shingle. I'm sure many of you know the combined feeling of excitement, empowerment, and "oh-god-what-have-you-done." However, I knew I had the professional skills to be able to consult with clients and figure everything else out.

Harnessing your Networking Skills...


Influencer Interview: Dorie Clark

Hailed as a 'branding expert' by big names such as Inc. and the Associated Press, we're lucky enough to have Dorie Clark as one of our Contactually influencers and friends. Even luckier? That we scored an exclusive interview with her, chock-full of helpful tips on networking and engaging with your contacts. Dorie puts her expertise into practice as an adjunct business administration professor at Duke University, and has worked as a marketing consultant for recognizable brands such as Google, Microsoft, Yale University, Fidelity, the U.S. State Department, and the World Bank. Dorie is also the author of several successful books, and Stand Out was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. Magazine. And just in case you need one more point to convince you of her expertise on the subject, the New York Times recently described her as an "expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives."

Contactually Influencer Interview: Dorie Clark


Top Tools & Apps That Get Our Users Through the Day

Sometimes all those apps and tools we have taking up space on our phones and tablets can be a bit distracting. How often are you grateful for an app or a crucial tool for keeping you on task or for making you more productive during your day? We've all had one of those days, where it seems the simple app we have keeping us on task is the only reason we were productive. Since we tend to get stuck using the same tools over and over again, we may be unaware of the other tools out there, or unwilling to try something different for fear of switching up our routine. [caption id="attachment_7204" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Via Atlassian[/caption] There is a lot of time wasted at work, and you'd be surprised to know that some of the biggest culprits are some of the unnecessary things we end up having to do while at work...and not just checking on our Facebook's. According to a study by Atlassian, at least 60% of our time at work is actually spent productively. If you're working a 40 hour work week, that's at least 24 hours spent not being productive. One of the biggest culprits? Answering and keeping your emails organized. That same study found that on average, it takes about 16 whole minutes to get back on track after being derailed by an incoming email. Okay, ready for the good news? We've got the master list of professionals from all different industries of the tools and apps they use to get through their day productively.

Sparking Joy: Spring Cleaning in Your Contact Database

It's not much of a secret that there's a select few of us here at Contactually that love the KonMari Method of 'tidying up' and do our best to implement it into our lives and homes. For those of you not in the know, the KonMari Method was coined by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizer who's debut book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, took the world by storm with her simple yet effective decluttering methodology. The key to it all? Whether or not the item 'sparks joy.' Kondo recently released Spark Joy, a companion to her first book, that guides you through the decluttering, tidying, and organizing process as you move throughout your home and to different items in your home....down to how to fold particular items of clothing and where to place them in your drawers. So where does that leave us? Sure, the KonMari Method is pretty easy to apply to your closet and that box full of paperwork you haven't touched in three years. But can you make it work for you and the items in your life that can't quite so easily be folded up and placed in a drawer? Perhaps like your contact list or your network? This year, don't limit your spring cleaning just to your home, try it out on your address book as may make a huge difference in your networking and segmenting in the coming year!

Read on to organize contacts in your list...