Contactually helped Brandon reconnect with a college friend and secure a listing the next day.

“Contactually prompted me to follow up with an old friend from college — and I would have never followed up with him if it hadn’t come up on my screen.  Even if I had intended to call him, I would have just scrolled by and not thought he would have sent me business.  

But I got the reminder on my Dashboard, and followed up with him with an e-mail template. They’re now an active client, and that 100% came as a result of Contactually.”

This particular listing resulted in an additional $7,000 in commission that he would not have seen otherwise.

A great decision for Brandon’s professional life.

When his brokerage, RE/MAX Results, adopted Contactually company-wide, he decided to give it a try. Now it’s been one the best decision he’s made in his professional life.

“Looking back, I can’t even imagine my life without Contactually,” says Brandon. “It has saved me at least 5 hours a week that I can now devote to prospecting and building better relationships with my network, and it’s already helped me close more deals.

"Once it works, you get addicted to it. And Contactually works."

Brandon Doyle

Contactually was the missing link for the Doyle Real Estate Team.

Brandon’s not just using Contactually personally; he’s also sharing the success with his team. The Doyle Real Estate team has adopted Contactually and made it an integral part of their daily process. As a result, they have earned repeat and referral business from their collective networks.

Within a few days of implementing Contactually, his team started seeing a vast improvement in productivity and the potential Contactually could unlock from their collective networks.

“Now with Contactually, I don’t have to ask where we’re at. I can see where we’re at. I can see what we last talked about with someone, and where they’re at in the process.” 

And they’ve already seen results team-wide.

“Since adopting Contactually, we’ve brought in new business and increased our referral business by about 20%. As a team leader, I’m able to better track our agent’s follow-up and conversion rates as well as the source of our closed business.”

Contactually makes it easy for teams to collaborate.

Contactually’s team features make it easy for teams to collaborate through contact sharing, aggregate e-mail history, assignments, and so much more.

Brandon doyle box“No one on the team is stressed out,” says Brandon. “We’re all on the same page and we know where everyone is in the process.”

As a team leader, Brandon was delighted to be able to see a bird’s-eye view of activity amongst the agents working in his office with Contactually’s Insights feature. Contactually has allowed him to proactively coach his agents, which he believes will grow their bottom line, and more importantly, make it easier for him to scale his business.

As much success as they’ve had, Brandon still believes that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"No one on the team is stressed out. We're all on the same page and know where everyone is in the process."

Brandon Doyle

The future looks bright for the Doyle Real Estate Team

The team now has a routine and can continually iterate to become more efficient and effective. They’ve built seamless communication processes, uniform messaging and have seen faster growth throughout the team. With the help of Contactually the Doyle Real Estate Team has been nurturing more prospects quickly. 

“This is just the beginning. Contactually is truly a game-changer, and we’re so excited about the future.”

Start nurturing your leads.

See for yourself how Contactually is the perfect fit for you and your team.