Not your typical practice

Neil Tyra started the Tyra Law Firm and quickly grew his one man operation. As a sole practitioner with a background in Family Law, Elder Law/Medicaid Planning and Personal Injury, he took a focus on Trust and Estate Planning. Neil soon discovered that in Trust and Estate Planning, the approach is very different from that of other legal disciplines.

“In a lot of law practices, clients come to the attorney because of some external stimulus – arrests, divorce…clients reach out and initiate the relationship. In Trust and Estate Planning, there’s more of a sales model with no external stimulus.”

Managing a rapidly growing network

As a solo practitioner with a new focus, Neil was rapidly evolving his client base and knew he needed something to help him manage the growth.

Before Contactually, Neil found himself “shoehorned” using a different contact relationship management package. “While it worked, it wasn’t optimized the way Contactually is. It was very labor intensive to keep up.”

"Contactually is ridiculously easy. The construct mirrors the natural process of customer engagement..."

Neil Tyra

Greater impact, with less effort

Contactually has given Neil an easy way to quickly manage, engage and nurture his entire database with less effort. From sending ScaleMails to utilizing his RPA, Neil has escalated his approach and practice.

Trust and Estate transactions can range from $1,500-$5,500 across the industry, so every relationship remains important. Contactually helps uncover which relationships will ultimately lead to new clients.

It’s easy to find the ROI, Neil says, “when a simple reminder in Contactually turns into a client, which then fosters more referrals.”

Neil’s Approach

Neil has been increasing awareness in his community and is becoming an influencer in his field. Trust and Estate Planning is about nurturing clients over their lifetime and expanding relationships as clients experience life changes.

He looks to his RPA for a quick glimpse of the Neil Tyraimpact of his efforts and renews fading relationships by using ScaleMail. Neil couples his newsletters and blog posts with Contactually’s Email Templates feature to help engage his audience and keep them up to date.

“Using Contactually is ridiculously easy. The construct mirrors the natural process of customer engagement with segmented lists, planned follow ups, email templates, and my favorite – the Relationship Point Average [RPA] graphic on the dashboard, [which] visually tells me at a glance how I am doing.”

"Using Contactually [has] absolutely improved the quality and consistency of my client engagement..."

Neil Tyra

Building Relationships for life

In Trust and Estate Planning, it takes more than just simple transactions to get ahead. You have to build long-lasting, quality relationships with all your clients. One client can evolve into multiple referrals throughout an entire family.

“Using Contactually absolutely has improved the quality and consistency of my client engagement, resulting in increased retention rates and improved relationships.”

In this discipline, it’s not just about business. The attorney becomes a trusted advisor and integral part of the family, which is exactly why Neil turns to Contactually to nurture his clients.

Build life long relationships.

Turn to Contactually, to nurture and grow your client base and firm.