With a shifting industry, it’s important to stay in touch with your client base

With 100% of solo attorney Kristen Roberts’ business originating from referrals and 80% of that business coming from repeat clients, it’s critical that she maintain strong relationships with her network so that her pipeline is full. But even staying top of mind isn’t enough. In an increasingly digital world, Kristen knows it’s crucial that she responds to clients in a timely manner to earn their continued business.

“With law moving the way it is now, attorneys get their emails on their phones, and if you can’t respond within 24 hours, the potential client has moved on to the next potential attorney. Vetting of lawyers is moving at lightning pace, and we have to be able to keep up. Contactually allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

Kristen primarily practices intellectual property law but has secondary practice areas in general business and employment. Many of her clients initially come to her for trademark registration and then return when they need licensing and royalty agreements. She specifically services the paleo industry, working with many food companies and bloggers.

Because Kristen works such a niche industry, it’s important she secure prospects and stay on top of the clients she already has. That’s where Contactually comes in.

"Now I can see how effective I am in terms of lead time, how many leads I'm getting, and how they're converting."

Kristen Roberts

Kristen’s Approach

With quantifiable insight into her closing rates, Kristen can now follow up strategically to ensure she’s in the best position to obtain business. She uses different buckets to segment her communications into stages and take her from blueprinting to follow-up conversations.

“That’s one of the reasons why I really like the buckets, because I no longer have to worry about keeping track of my clients. I can also put [longer-term prospects] in a business development bucket and keep my finger on them, maybe send them an article to show them I’m thinking about them or put them on a slow drip.”

Kristen uses Mailchimp for e-marketing in tandem with Contactually. Before Contactually, she used neither a contact management system nor an e-marketing program. Mailchimp offers a complement to Contactually’s personal touch, allowing her to send informative emails at mass which she normally wouldn’t send using Contactually’s ScaleMail feature.

"...Having a program like Contactually is really helpful in making sure I'm paying attention to reaching out to people not just as a friend but as a business owner."

Kristen Roberts

Building genuine relationships with Contactually

“I really appreciate the fact that Contactually has actually forced me to be organized. [Without a contact management system,] you don’t really realize that your friends who own businesses could eventually become your clients. Having a program like Contactually is really helpful in making sure I’m paying attention to reaching out to those people not just as a friend but as a business owner.”

Contactually has helped Kristen mine her network for business opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. The bucket game simplified the daunting task of organizing her contacts, and soon she was receiving emails from Contactually reminding her to re-engage with key people. She’s even gained clients by reconnecting with people whom she hadn’t communicated with in over a year.

“It’s amazing how fast time goes by when you’re in your business and it makes staying in touch with people fall by the wayside. As a result of being told I was falling behind, I made some touches to people I hadn’t gotten in touch with before, and I actually got some work out of it. It’s been the easiest way of getting business. I still work with them on a regular basis.”

Stay connected with your clients.

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