A one-man firm making a huge impact

John Corcoran has been practicing both litigation and transactional law for years. Whether civil litigation, real estate and land use, or small business advice and counseling John has a growing client base, that turns to him to address their needs.

Because John specializes across multiple disciplines, his deals can range anywhere from $500 – $50,000. When a single client engagement can result in a $50,000 agreement, you have to ensure all your contacts are being nurtured.

“I usually engage with 20 – 30 contacts within the month. I have to ensure I stay top of mind with my client base.”

"Contactually has helped me close 15 - 20% of my transactions/month."

John Corcoran

The importance of nurturing relationships

With a growing network, John understands how important it is to maintain and consistently grow relationships, and he turns to Contactually to do just that.

“One realtor referred 2 – 3 clients to me in one month. I went nine months before hearing back from the realtor, and I realized I forgot to email her. That’s when I knew I needed Contactually.”

Before Contactually, John wasn’t doing anything to manage his growing network, and he just “thought about it every once in awhile when things got slow.” He felt short-handed when trying to balance the growth of his practice and his immediate obligations.

John’s Approach

Today John takes a proactive approach with Contactually. He trusts in Contactually’s powerful tools and systems to build out processes to fitJohn Corcoran
the way he works. He’ll never miss a beat with his network or miss another opportunity. John uses Email Templates to effectively address any situation, Programs to efficiently reduce his daily workload, and the
Introduction feature to actively interact with members of his network and grow his influence.

“I probably use the Introduction feature more aggressively than any other Contactually user.” John makes up to 10 introductions a week and finds it as an added value for both his clients and himself.

"The struggle when you’re an attorney is keeping the pipeline filled..."

John Corcoran

Balancing the business

John is using Contactually to actively address one of the greatest problems faced by attorneys.

“The struggle when you’re an attorney is keeping the pipeline filled and avoiding the marketing roller coaster. The majority of the time you get busy and completely forget nurturing the pipeline and you let all your client prospecting efforts die. When work runs out, you suddenly have to hustle and get working again to drum up new business.

Contactually creates a process that aligns growing your network and building relationships in a systematic format to support habit development.”

Use Contactually, like John, to maintain focus on the core of the business and the growth of the firm.

Leave no opportunity to chance.

Actively reach your network and generate your own opportunities.