When Austin Brister first came out of law school, sales was the last thing on his mind

Austin started working as an Oil and Gas Attorney, and quickly discovered that to make progress he was responsible for his own book of business. Austin knew that attorneys that make it up the ranks know how to simultaneously balance clients and focus on the growth of the firm.

“Prior to practicing law, I never would have thought lawyers had to be salesmen.  I was definitely wrong, but it was critical to me that my approach be warm, personable and genuine.  In my niche, I need to keep in touch with a very large number of contacts, but I was tired of seeing various robotic marketing gimmicks on the market. I needed a solution that wasn’t tailored for professional sales teams, but [rather] for a person like me who just needs help staying in touch with my important clients and contacts.”

Being an attorney isn’t about transactions. It’s about building long-lasting relationships. “You never know when one of your past clients will bring in repeat business.”

Before Contactually, Austin was overwhelmed by his ever-growing network and felt like he was always losing touch. With over 4,000 individuals in his database, he needed a better way to sort his contacts. “I tried a lot of CRMs and they always took a long time to set up. Once I found Contactually, I easily put my important relationships in buckets and got started.”

"When I went to law school, I never thought I’d have to be a salesman, but to move up as a partner you have to bring in work.”

Austin Brister

The best way to manage clients and prospects

It takes a lot to juggle your current clients and still prospect for new business. Business development isn’t always second nature, and it can take up a good chunk of the day-to-day. If you can’t find a balance, you’ll never make progress.

Instead of spending precious hours focused on marketing and business development efforts, Contactually helped Austin make the most out of his network.

“There’s no way around it: Billable hours are a critical component of a lawyer’s stock and trade. Any business development, no matter how necessary, gets in the way of that goal.  I needed a solution that was easy, quick and didn’t require a lengthy onboarding process.  Contactually met those needs. It has helped me stay in touch with contacts, reminded me to follow up, and kept the time burden to a minimum.  Contactually also helped me organize who my contacts are [and] where they fit into the bigger picture, [by giving] me suggestions as to [whom] I should email next.  Plus, Contactually works directly with our exchange server, so I can see all my sent and received emails directly within Outlook and on my phone.”

Austin’s approach

Austin’s modern approach helps him get ahead. He shares his Oil and Gas Law blog through Contactually’s article sharing feature, and has already partaken in over 40 speaking engagements in just over two years – something many veteran attorneys only dream of doing.

With his growing network, Austin AustinBristercouples Contactually’s MailChimp integration and ScaleMail feature to make the most of his outreach efforts. MailChimp helps him cover more ground when sending out a new blog post, and ScaleMail helps him personalize messaging to groups of his clients.

“Contactually’s ScaleMail helps me drastically cut down the time it takes to send personal and genuine emails to a large number of people.  The Dashboard gives me excellent reminders of those important contacts that may have slipped my mind. I’m not a salesman; I’m just an attorney needing to stay in touch with my clients and contacts. Contactually helps me do that by acting as my coach and reducing the time it takes me to stay in touch.  When I’m not sure what to say, the library of templates gives great ideas.”

I’m not a salesman; I’m just an attorney needing to stay in touch with my clients and contacts. Contactually helps me do that..."

Austin Brister

When relationships and opportunities are on the line

Securing one engagement letter takes approval from multiple people. Everyone has to be synchronized during this process and several levels within the Oil and Gas company have to approve of the attorney.

With such a strenuous process where no detail can be overlooked, Austin turns to Contactually to help keep everyone in the loop and updated on progress. “When your clients are companies, rather than individuals, you have to sell multiple people to secure an engagement letter, and Contactually helps me do just that.”

It takes the right balance of client relationships and new business to make partner, and Austin is taking full advantage of Contactually to help him achieve his goals.

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