Keeping critical connections from falling through the cracks

When John Brueger founded Altus Wealth, he saw a dearth in wealth coaches and financial planners that served the middle market, meaning those with a family income of $40K- $140K, many of whom do not have investment assets. While many think of financial planning as investment management, very few were helping middle-income families with day-to-day planning. John began building a model for other financial planners to use while also serving his own clients simultaneously as a solo advisor. This meant that his business development time was scarce and every hour needed to count.

altus_infoBefore implementing Contactually, John’s process was highly ad-hoc. He attempted to set up reminders and alerts in his current CRM and perused his social media channels daily, looking for any excuse to make a meaningful connection with someone in his network. His follow-ups with prospective clients were not consistent, and good people often fell off the radar. Additionally, communicating sporadically made it much harder to develop the trust and rapport that is of paramount importance in financial services.

“Contactually has allowed me to open up my potential touches from sporadic and inconsistent before to consistent and focused today. Today, a potential client will get a customized touch every 30 days. Before they might get one every six months.”

"Since implementing Contactually, I have seen my average sales cycle shrink from 18 – 24 months down to 6 months."

John Brueger

Building a better process with Contactually

As a highly process-oriented professional, John spent time architecting his plans in the beginning in order to spend little time running “the machine” in the end. Previously, he would spend an hour a day with cut and paste emails, if he even did that at all. Through Contactually, John spends 15 minutes per day sending out his goal of 7 messages daily. He does not just use email, but communicates with people where they are and are most comfortable, whether that be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a mixture.

“Contactually really helps to get various social media communication channels covered in one application. I like seeing my email, text messages, phone calls and LinkedIn communications in one place.”

“I also use the Contactually templates a LOT to make quick duty of ongoing engagement with prospects (especially). Auto responders are nice, but often they have to be very generic in order to work across a broad swath of potentials. With the templates, I can customize each touch without having to write the whole email from scratch. It’s more time consuming than an auto-responder, but much more effective in conversion.”

"Today, a potential client will get a customized touch every 30 days. Before they might get one every six months.”

Better results and easier, more effective logistics

With Contactually’s bucketing (categorizing) system, John further segments his list according to what they care about most, from college planning to 401(k). He lets Contactually automatically track his conversations via social and email; he’s also chosen to use the Salesforce integration to turbocharge his CRM and process. John’s messaging is predominantly educational. When he founded Altus, he felt strongly that if he built his model around showing a valuable and pleasant experience in the education process, the right clients will actually raise their hands and want to do something about their financial planning.

John’s dedication to process and systematized communication was not in vain. “I now spend much more time coaching clients to enjoy a better quality of life through great financial decisions and being more intentional with every dollar slipping through their fingers, instead of figuring out who I need to contact and what I need to say.”

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