Connecting management, agents and clients

As the Director of Technology at a Zephyr, Hud Bixler is the guru behind the technology infrastructure that makes Zephyr so successful. Not only does Hud oversee the tech packages that set agents utilize in-house, but he also works closely with both Zephyr’s Managing Partner and VP of Marketing/Web Development to ensure new technology is implemented properly. With roughly 340 agents working within Zephyrs ranks, implementing a new software is no easy task. Hud and the team were looking for an easy way to connect management, agents, and clients. “We knew agents were bad at following up, and they needed a CRM”.

Searching for the best

When Hud recognized the need for a CRM, he took an exhaustive approach to finding the best tool for Zephyr agents. With so many options and platforms on the market, “it took almost a year and a half of searching before we chose Contactually”, says Hud. Along the search process, Hud discovered not all systems are built the same — some even miss basic features. “The gmail integration was essential because that’s the server our agents use”, describes Hud.

Brokerages are consistently trying to encourage their offices to grow, both internally (allowing agents to be successful) and externally (recruiting agents into the office). No matter the end goal, brokers and management teams look to Contactually to accomplish what they need.

"I've already seen our agents have success with Contactually, where they didn't with other communication systems."

Hud Bixler

Retaining agents and growing the brokerage

Zephyr takes into account all the processes that are utilized by management and the agents and incorporated that into the Contactually ecosystem. As Hud reflects on the partnership, he mentions that “Contactually helped customize our process”.

While training and retaining agents is a key initiative for Zephyr, they relied on the content creation system within Contactually to help enhance that process. “We created customized content for on-boarding agents. Buckets, Email Templates, Programs and Pipelines were all developed and shared so when an agent gets into their Contactually account [for the first time] they hit the ground running.” Hud noticed the faster an agent get acclimated to the program, the faster results are seen.

Powerful relationships and a customized approach

Hud BixlerNot only does Hud rely on Contactually’s powerful tools to make Zephyr successful, he maintains an open dialogue with his dedicated account representative. The duo developed a custom content, processes and details to address all of Zephyr’s concerns. Webinars, marketing materials, online trainings and competitions were all created to educate the Zephyr team. Hud has seen impact on his agents and loves the direction Zephyr is moving towards. “We’ve even scheduled additional [training] sessions starting this month.”

"It used to be the realtor was the purveyor of information...[in a changing market] we use Contactually to address their challenges..."

Hud Bixler

How Zephyr found success

With Contactually, Hud and his team are creating a process that will grow and retain both agents and clients alike. “Contactually helps our agents focus on the deal at hand, and uncover the low hanging fruit within their network. Our agents are making genuine relationships with their clients that facilitate trusted transactions. When agents get money, Zephyr gets money, so it’s a win-win”.

Give your agents what they've been missing.

Contactually will help your agents stay top of mind with less work.