Within the first hour of using Contactually, Keller Williams Key Partners CEO David Conderman made $15,000.

“There is no better product on the market for relationship building,” says Conderman, ” and that’s what real estate is.”

That’s why Conderman ultimately provided Contactually to his 100+ agents.

“Your database is your business. Agents could achieve their wildest dreams if all they did was keep in touch with their networks on a consistent basis.”

In the first two months of using Contactually as a brokerage, Key Partners saw a 25% increase of leads at a company level.

Conderman had already been coaching agents to spend three hours daily on lead generation and follow up, but he found this was difficult for them to manage.

“People are more productive when it’s easy to be productive. Seeing Contactually’s automated follow-up list each morning, is like your mother preparing you a healthy breakfast. It’s already sitting there waiting for you, and on top of that the cause-effect value is clear. Agents have a purpose when following up.”

"With the addition of Contactually, agent productivity has increased 40%."

David Conderman

Complement to existing processes.

Conderman encourages agents to use Contactually as a complement to Keller Williams’ CRM E-Edge, which many agents are using for email campaigns.

“Automated touch points are better than no touch points, but how many opportunities they actually generate are negligible in comparison to personalized outreach. Think about it: when you get busy, how many automated emails do you actually read?”

Where Conderman has seen the most value though, is having an agent’s database built automatically from their own network.

“The most brilliant thing about Contactually is that it generates leads from contacts you didn’t even know were potential sources.”

Agents saw results immediately upon adoption.

So what kind of leads is Contactually generating? One Key Partners’ agent simply followed an in-app prompt to bucket a lesser-known contact, obtained from a neighborhood group email. The agent then reached out after seeing a Contactually follow-up reminder, and landed a $1.2 million listing, followed by an $800,000 purchase. The agent earned $50,000 in commission from sending just one email through Contactually.

As Operating Principal, Conderman also uses Contactually’s Administrator Dashboard and Insights page to monitor his agents’ progress. He can easily see which agents are performing well, and which ones could benefit from further coaching.

Every brokerage has a subset of top-performing agents which bring in the majority of revenue. With Contactually, Conderman believes he can bring a substantial number of middle performers into the top-performer range.

"An agent reached out...and landed a $1.2 million listing, followed by an $800,000 buyer. The agent earned $50,000 in commission just from sending one email through Contactually."

KWKEY’s Results

Before Contactually, Key Partner’s agents made one sale for every 20 people in their networks. In just a few months, they’ve doubled that to one sale for every 10 people in their networks. With the help of Contactually agents are making more of an impact with less effort, and Conderman now has some more Insight into his team.

“The returns are exponential. We’ve had over 70% adoption – more than double of any other technology we’ve ever provided. And the reason is, it works for the agents and for the brokerage. It’s a win-win.”

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