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Organized agents generate more leads from their network

Contactually makes it easy for agents to stay top-of-mind with their entire network in simply minutes a day. Reach out to the right person at the right time with the right message… we help with all of it. The results? Contactually users experience an average increase in sales of 42%. More leads, referrals, and business by simply spending 10 minutes a day connecting with those that already know and value you.

High adoption rates, easy to setup and manage

The tools you invested in weren’t necessarily bad, they just weren’t adopted. And that’s exactly what Contactually addresses - it was developed for the entire brokerage but designed for the agent. Our brokerage clients have experienced unparalleled adoption rates due to our easy-to-use, yet powerful platform.


Never lose another top performer again

In order to manage a successful, growing brokerage, you need to be constantly recruiting new agents. And at the same time, you need to ensure that your top agents continue to perform and not be lured away by the promise of higher commission splits. Contactually can help.

Why the CEO of a successful real estate brokerage rolled out Contactually to his office of over 100 agents.

David Conderman, CEO of KW KEY, had already been coaching agents to spend three hours daily on lead generation and follow up, but he found this was difficult for them to manage. “People are more productive when it’s easy to be productive. Seeing Contactually’s automated follow-up list each morning is like your mother preparing you a healthy breakfast. It’s already sitting there waiting for you and on top of that the cause-effect value is clear. Agents have a purpose when following up.”

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That’s why Conderman ultimately provided Contactually to his 100+ agents. “There is no better product on the market for relationship building,” says Conderman, ”and that’s what real estate is.” Before Contactually, Key Partner’s agents made one sale for every 20 people in their networks. In just a few months, they’ve doubled that to one sale for every 10 people in their networks. With the help of Contactually, agents are making more of an impact with less effort, and Conderman now has greater insights into his team.

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2x Your Leads

"The returns are exponential. We’ve had over 70% adoption – more than double of any other technology we’ve ever provided. And the reason is, it works for the agents and for the brokerage. It’s a win-win."

David Conderman, CEO at KW Key

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The most trusted industry brokerages use Contactually

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Contactually is the secret weapon to keeping your best agents

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