October 01, 2015

Feature Update: Lead Capture with Zillow and Trulia


Never miss a new opportunity

New client interactions are extremely time sensitive and we know how stressful this can be. What if a prospect reaches out in the middle of the night and you miss an opportunity?! Are you expected to stay up all hours of the night in order to respond? When you're out enjoying life with your family and friends you don't want to be worried about new leads. Trust me - no one likes that person who's always compulsively checking their email...and now you won't have to.

It's important to initiate contact with a lead as soon as it's submitted. The likelihood of a lead converting is seven times higher if they're contacted within the first hour, and the window of opportunity starts closing in a matter of minutes.

When the stakes are this high, trust the Contactually/Zillow partnership to coordinate your efforts. We'll instantly sync new leads to your account from Zillow and Trulia, so you can break through and build a dialogue quicker than ever before. We even take it one step further and allow you to designate which buckets your leads are sorted in, so you can organize, and prioritize without the manual lift.

Imagine the possibilities

You've gotten a new lead from Zillow of a buyer interested in a property. The buyer's info syncs automatically with Contactually and is placed in your "Zillow Leads" bucket. The bucket is attached to a program which sends the buyer an introduction email within a matter of minutes from submitting his information. You've just connected with a potential client without lifting a finger!

With a systemized approach you can engage with your new leads and start building rapport. The framework of trust starts with the first interaction, and with the help of Contactually your new leads will see a genuine message within minutes from the spark of their interest.

Zillow and Trulia Lead Capture in real time

The new, seamless integration makes it possible to nurture and evolve your relationships like never before. Contactually's powerful features coupled with the improved partnership will help you uncover, manage and nurture more opportunities with less effort. Take five minutes to run through a quick setup on your end and rest assure you'll never miss a potential lead again.

Next Steps For Users

Step #1

Log into your Contactually account and head over to your settings page. From the Apps tab select the connect to Zillow option and copy your API key. You can also select which buckets you'd like your Zillow and Trulia leads to go to. Try creating a new bucket specifically for these leads if you'd like.



Step #2

Head over to Zillow and go to the Account Tab on your Agent Hub. From here you'll select "Connect to my CRM."



Step #3

Click Add Partner, and select Contactually from the drop down options.



Step #4

Paste your Contactually API key, and click save.


Build better relationships

With four quick steps, integrate your Zillow and Trulia lead capture with Contactually. Take full advantage of Contactually and this new found partnership with Zillow and Trulia to automatically sync new leads. You'll never miss a beat with potential new clients or ever have to worry about a prime opportunity slipping through the cracks. Lasting relationships must be nurtured and it all start with the first interaction.

We're toiling away to make your business processes easier. As always, let us know what you think...we're all ears.