May 08, 2017

[EBOOK] Your Handy Dandy How-To Instagram Guide


Wondering what the deal is with Instagram?

You're not alone.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that has taken social media by storm over the past 7 years since it's initial release in 2010. Now at a community of 700 million active users, it allows users to like and share photos and videos, either privately with friends or publicly with fans/followers. Of those users, 59% use Instagram everyday and 35% visit the app several times a day (#wowza)!

Although it's millennial demographic is skewed towards younger generations, with 55% of users falling in between ages 18 and 29, this platform has been steadily growing in popularity across all ages.

On the average day, over 80 million photos are shared via Instagram; its potential for vast outreach has not become an incredibly useful marketing tool for people and businesses all over the world, but a method of finding users with similar interests etc.; Instagram is used by nearly 48.8% of brands. With this app, distance isn't a problem. Since anyone can join, the reach is endless - and now it's your turn!

We've put together this e-book specifically to help small business owners capitalize on this extremely popular social media platform and use it for personal and professional marketing and branding.

Download your Instagram Guide below: