June 30, 2011

Why we created Enforcery

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When embarking on a new endeavour, I believe it's incredibly important to set some general beliefs - a mission statement, if you will. For Enforcery, it's very personal.

When I left my previous job and started freelancing, I started at ground zero. No great body of work, no reputation, no references. As a freelancer, there was no reason anyone should trust me.

But what I had built up was a series of contacts. A nest egg of email addresses and contact information for people I had met at a few agencies, startups, and individual creatives. My contacts were really all I had. And from that, I was able to grow my company, skeevisArts, into a successful consultancy.

I believe in the power of professional connections. And we wanted to make it easier to create and manage them. That's why we created Enforcery.

I'll be posting more about our mission as we continue to develop the product.

- Zvi Band - Founder