February 06, 2012

What's your e-reputation?

The internet and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are taking over the professional and social networking world! While this makes it much easier to stay connected and "in the know," it can mean trouble as well.

More than ever, it is of utmost importance to consider how you are portraying yourself on public social networking sites. Your Twitter and Facebook reputation can impact your career as well as future employment. Here are some tips to creating and maintaining a professional online presence.


Your profile picture and information you post provide a potential employer or colleague with a quick snap shot of you.

  • Customize your privacy settings - Facebook and Privacy Resource Page

  • Consider what your pictures say about you. You want them to reflect your personality while remaining professional and appropriate.

  • Be careful what you post. For example, do not complain about work if you are Facebook friends with your boss! Also, avoid inappropriate language.

  • Be aware of what you "like" or "share." Controversial topics, organizations and affiliations can give a negative impression.

(Photo credit: Rob Cottingham at Noise to Signal)


Use Twitter to keep informed about trending topics that are of importance to you. Potential employers may also use Twitter to post jobs.

  • Use your name or a combination of your name and profession as your Twitter name.

  • Write a short description about yourself that indicates your career field.

  • Link your Twitter to your professional website, such as LinkedIn or your blog.

Remembering that Twitter and Facebook are public forums that anyone can look at and judge is important. Use your virtual self to help your career, not hurt it!