January 04, 2013

What we've been reading: where is the innovation?


The Atlantic: The Density of Innovation, In Search of the South's Silicon Valleys

These past few weeks have been a little sluggish for most. Family time, not checking email (or trying not to), and sleeping a little bit more was on everyone's agenda. And who's to blame? Christmas followed by the turn of the new year is the perfect time to do less than usual. But now that everyone's back in some type of work mode, it's time to get back into the swing of things.

This week's What we've been reading features two pieces from The Atlantic that were published as part of their Start-Up Nation set of features. The first is called the "Density of Innovation," which takes a look at innovation density and the location of patents.

Los Angeles tops the list [of the top 10 metros in terms of density of high-tech workers] with 39 high-tech workers per square kilometer. San Francisco is next with 30, followed by Trenton (29), San Jose (Silicon Valley) (24), New York (23), Bridgeport-Stamford (22), Greater Boston (21), Greater Washington, D.C. (19), Boulder (17), and New Haven (14).

And the second, "In Search of the South's Silicon Valleys," published in 2011, focuses on startups in the United States' south. The journey starts from Maryland, through DC (yes, we are technically in the south), and heads south along the coast before turning west in Georgia.

You can check out the rest of The Atlantic's coverage of startups at their Start-Up Nation hub. They're all interesting reads!

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