April 12, 2013

What We've Been Reading: Giving Back

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One of the most important rules of the follow-up is to give before receiving. And if you're being smart about your follow-ups, you're using everything at your disposal, e.g., phone, email, and social media and using the latter two to "give." Adding value to your follow-up. That's the whole point, right? However, finding what to share can be difficult (trust me, I've tried).

The goal for this week's What We've Been Reading is going to be a little different than usual. Instead of giving you a nice read for the weekend, we're going to help you give someone else a weekend read (or just a link to round out a follow-up). Take a gander at what we have below, and remember: this is just a jumping off point. Each follow-up is tailored to the recipient. Each value link should be, too. Happy weekend!

Suggested links: