June 28, 2013

What We've Been Reading: Tools for Your Email

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With how much we email nowadays, efficiency is very important. There isn't a time in the day when your inbox is not jostling for your attention, screaming for you to look at it just one more time, or daring you to try to delete a few messages and not expect more to show up in their place. So for this week's What We've Been Reading, we take a look at tools you can use to help you get a handle on your inbox.

Mega Moxie: Two Email Tools that will Change Your Life!

This FREE handy-dandy tool is ahh-may-zing. It's no secret that I am TOTALLY against allowing your inbox to dictate your day's priorities, and this little tool helps you postpone your respond immediately knee-jerk reaction by sending that email back to you later when you know you'll have time to address it. It is simply insurance for epic brain farts, forgetfulness and email overwhelm. You can even have Boomerang mark each message you do this to as unread, or you can label or star them.

Just recently we had Brian on our team tout how much he loves Boomerang for Gmail. It's seriously a great product if you're a Gmail user and want to keep up with who you emailed.

Pronto Marketing: Clear Your Inbox with Gmail Power Tools

Memorize hotkeys and learn to love them

This won't necessarily move things out of your inbox, but when you find yourself overwhelmed with a huge amount of new messages, hotkeys can help you quickly process them.

To enable Gmail shortcuts, go to Settings and under the General tab, select "Keyboard shortcuts on." There is a wide selection of shortcuts in Gmail so pick out a few important ones and start using them everyday. If you don't like the default hotkeys, you can enable a Gmail Lab called Custom Keyboard Shortcuts that allows you edit the shortcut commands.

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If you want to make sure you squeeze the most out of your Gmail inbox, this blog post is one worth looking at. They praise tools like Rapportive (a Contactually favorite), SaneBox, and even take a look at the new Gmail Inbox.

Jeff Bullas: 5 Email Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Email is sometimes seen as the dreary cousin of Facebook who never gets invited to the marketing party.

It has this image of mundaneness because it has been around for decades and is all about work. Often it is perceived as that necessary evil that that can't compete on marketing terms with the rather fun Twitter chap. YouTube or Pinterest is like a super model compared to the dowdy and buttoned up email dingleberry.

I chose this article because it alludes to an interesting point: email still be alive and well, but social media brings new ways of communicating with people in a way that is personal. However, there are tools to help you with that, including a brand spanking new Mailchimp.