April 26, 2013

What We've Been Reading: It's Who You Know In Your Network


Earlier this week, we launched the 2.0 version of Contactually with the goal to improve the quality of your connections and drive more referrals, so this week it's all about the people in your network. Now, you can share articles, send personalized emails to groups of people, and search more efficiently, all to help bolster relationships.

So with today's What We've Been Reading, we focus on your network: how to start a network, how to build one up, and how to take care of it. And don't forget about article sharing. It's a great way to build out a network. Sound good? Happy link sharing!

Inc: How to Build a Network of Contacts


As you build out your business network, you must remain constantly aware that you are NOT selling something. The process involves creating and strengthening a social connection. Sales pitches are completely counterproductive here.

When you contact individuals to create your network, the tone should be that of a meeting between friends (or potential friends) rather than the classic interaction between a seller and buyer.

To make this happen, somebody in your network must make the initial contact.

For example, if you want your brother-in-law to contact his former business partner (whom you want to add to your network), you get your brother-in-law to email the partner and suggest that the two of you get together to talk.

Forbes: Chris Brogan on How to Build a Network of Value

Build Relationships with "Up and Comers."In any industry, there's the top echelon of stars - who are probably too busy to notice you. That's why Brogan suggests building relationships with "up and comers" who are, say, in the top 50 in their field. "The target is always the person who's really anxious to get heard and seen on the way up," he says. "You can build true loyalty in that segment, because they think wow, you knew me when. I do that today. I don't think of myself as anybody important, but as time goes on and I have to say no to many more things, when I say yes, I most certainly take into account the people who were there before there was any reason for them to care."

Sid Savara: Strategies for Nurturing Your Professional Network and Professional Relationships

Sound familiar?

Sharing Items Via Google Reader - For my more tech savvy friends who have similar tastes and/or professions, I use Google reader and discuss different articles with them. Sharing information is always a good way to keep in touch with people. [Sid's note: I use Twitter and StumbleUpon in similar ways]