February 08, 2013

What We've Been Reading: Inbox Empty, Writing Better, Startups vs Football

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Productivityist: Zero Vs. Done - Inbox zero is a phrase that we have all use, myself included. However, Mike Vardy at Productivityist argues that the phrase is thinking negatively. According to him, "Forget getting to zero. That's thinking in negative terms (after all, you have to take things away to get to zero." Instead, Vardy proposes to get to "done," not zero.

McSweeny's: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Actually Do - As one that writes a lot and writes often, this article is valuable. Not just for someone in my position but for anyone who has to write words, which is just about everyone. So how does one get better at writing? Practice makes perfect, they say, and it's true. Timothy McSweeney's first step is to write every day.

Think of your words as reps, your paragraphs as sets, your pages as daily workouts.

Massive Greatness: The Kaepernick of Startups - Football season may be well and truly behind us, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to read. And with this week's edition of What We've Been Reading I present you with the parallels of the startup world and football -- more specifically, the San Francisco 49ers. The dilemma: when you have an established talented CEO, would you replace him with someone else who could be a better fit?

There are plenty of examples in tech of when a founder/CEO has been replaced at the top of the company. Most of the time, such moves happen when things are going badly. That's usually the case with quarterback changes as well. But sometimes such changes do happen when a company is growing well, but the founders are deemed too inexperienced (Google, is probably the best example here). But that certainly wasn't the case with the younger Kaepernick replacing Smith.