December 21, 2012

What we've been reading: get better at everything by asking better questions

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Fast Company: The One Conversational Tool That Will Make You Better At Absolutely Everything

The problem is, most of us ask terrible questions. We talk too much and accept bad answers (or worse, no answers). We're too embarrassed to be direct, or we're afraid of revealing our ignorance, so we throw softballs, hedge, and miss out on opportunities to grow.

Truer words have never been spoken. And as a student studying journalism, I see this quite often. Asking questions, whether you're a reporter or talking to an investor, is a supremely important and valuable skill to have. FastCompany breaks down the art of asking good questions into six seemingly no-brainer parts:

    • Don't Ask Multiple-Choice Questions

    • Don't Fish

    • Interject With Questions When Necessary

    • Field Non-Answers By Reframing Questions Later

    • Repeat Answers Back For Clarification Or More Detail

    • Don't Be Embarrassed

And with Contactually being a company built on maintaining relationships, this is right up our wheelhouse. It's definitely worth a read!

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