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January 11, 2013

What we've been reading: following up is pretty important

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I shouldn't need to tell you that following up with your important contacts is important, should I? Communication is one of the basic human needs. And we know a fair amount on that matter, if I do say so myself. If you take a look at some of our top users, they can vouch that following up works.

Agent Know How: Sales Statistics on Conversion Rates of Follow-Up and Sales - We shared other articles writing about the same exact set of data. However, this one has a little bit more to it: worrying about being too "pushy." The figures essentially state that there's a direct correlation with sales and the number of contacts made to a person. So you can see why someone would feel like they're being pushy. Some of the people we spoke to who are in this situation noted that they follow up with a prospect until they hear a definite no... or something a little more stern.

Canada One: Effective Follow-up Will Make Your Sales Soar - This is another article based on that one we shared.

In fact, 80% of all sales occur on the 5th or subsequent sales call after an initial sales presentation. Yet most salespeople only persist through 2 or 3.

Again, it shows the fear of being pushy. And yes, we went to the great white north for this one.

Business Success Hub: Demystifying Pushy Follow-Up: Making Follow-Up Simple, Easy, Fun & Effective - This headline more or less says it all and brings up these statistics.

    • 25% stop after 2 follow-up contacts are made

    • 12% stop after 3 contacts are made

    • 48% NEVER follow up

    • 90% GIVE UP AFTER the 4th TRY!

So, follow up until you don't have to.