March 01, 2013

What We've Been Reading: Digital Eye Contact, Culture, TED

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Mashable: Why Eye Contact Still Matters In The Age of Email

Julie Halpert brings up an interesting point: technology and social media are stunting communication skills.
One recent study, by Jean Twenge, author of The Narcissism Epidemic, finds that the extensive amounts of time college students spend on social networking sites leads to narcissism. Other experts say that's not the only downside. They fear that this generation of young people will grow up with communication skills so stunted, it will significantly impact the quality of their adult lives.

WSJ: For Startups, Culture Shouldn't Be Overlooked

How high would you rate the importance of company culture? It's very important to us here.
A startup's culture has a direct impact on the type of product that eventually gets built, its brand and even its ability to raise money and generate revenue. Entrepreneurs need to take the time to really think about the kind of company they want to create because it can make the difference between success and failure.

Forbes: Five Inspired Ideas Emerging From TED2013

We're big fans of TED here at Contactually. And if you're looking for a few really cool ideas coming from some smart people, then look no further.
Here's what McAfee says: "The droids are taking our jobs, but focusing on that fact misses the point entirely. The point is that then we are freed up to do other things, and what we're going to do, I am very confident, is reduce poverty, and drudgery and misery around the world. I'm very confident we're going to learn to live more lightly on the planet and I am extremely confident that what we're going to do with our new digital tools is going to be so profound, and so beneficial, that it's going to make a mockery of everything that came before."

Harvard Business Review: 10 TED Talks to Help You Reimagine Your Business --

Again, here's a little bit from TED through the years.
In the spirit of TED 2013, here are 10 amazing TED Talks that have helped me think differently about what business can be, how to be a better leader, and how to become a better global citizen. I hope they do the same for you.