February 01, 2013

What we've been reading: disruption, getting your email opened

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Forbes: Hey CMOs, It's Time To Get Disruptive - "Disruption is a big word when it comes to startups, essentially gauging whether or not a company can make any headway in a given market. Or, as Steve Olenski wrote, "questioning the accepted norms." He writes:
It's time for all marketers at all levels to stop thinking of digital as another media channel or platform. Our world is a digital one and is going to stay that way. Period. Yes, offline marketing and advertising, i.e. direct mail, will always have a place at the advertising and marketing table but make no mistake about it, seated at the head of the table, is digital marketing.

It's an interesting view. In a digital world, marketing would have to be digital, too. But is there place for traditional marketing? What do you think? Marketing Charts: Reasons to open email - For any company or anyone dealing through email, getting your emails not immediately deleted or sent to spam is the most sought-after piece of knowledge. Influences in the email space have suggested varying lengths and types of subject lines and a few other ways to make sure someone reads your email. According to Marketing Charts, the most decisive factor in determining whether or not an email is opened is the sender. Seems kind of like a no brainer, no? But it is true. Essentially, making sure you've effectively managed and cultivated relationships with the recipient will help a long way.