April 05, 2013

What We're Reading: What Do You Say in [Blank]?

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Happy Friday, folks. This week, there's been an uncanny focus on what people say online, whether it be in email or on social media. So with our two links we cover both bases (bases, get it? Because baseball is back) with what you should say on Twitter and in an email.

Social Media Today: 100 Things to Tweet About Besides Yourself!

As a business, it's tempting to share updates about yourself on social media. But you really shouldn't. Instead, share cool links or jokes. Or, you can just read this post by Social Media today.

1. Tips to help your customers solve their business problems.

2. Tips to help your audience solve life problems.

3. Tips to help your audience, clients and friends live a better life.

4. Anything that shows you are human. Be real, engaging and talk like a human being, not a robot.

5. Industry news.

6. News about your city, state, country or the world.

Business2Community: 5 Tips for Effective Email Copy

Emails: what do you say and how do you say it? Admittedly, this post does have a few tips that are tried and true (such as keeping subject lines short), however, most of them are worth knowing. It's not often you hear design tips in emails.

3. Appeal to Your Subscribers' Self-Interest

Ultimately, customers only care about products and services in the context of their needs, so your copy should explicitly describe the benefit they will receive. "Features tell," advises Roberta, but "benefits sell." Go beyond describing features and explain core benefits--this will hit the emotional hot points that drive purchases.

In the class, Roberta gives the example of selling an onion. Describing an onion's features, such as its texture and taste, will answer "what" it is, but not "how and why" it should be used. Explaining the onion's benefits, such as bringing a recipe to life and keeping caloric content low, can activate readers' desires and diminish their fears.

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