February 15, 2013

What We're Reading: Communication Methods, Communication Psychology

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Tomasz Tunguz: The biggest professional challenge of my career: communication - Tomasz Tunguz raises an interesting point: adapting to the communication method of your organization. He notes how Google's method of communication is essentially a verbal Scientific Method, while the communication method at his current workplace is based on the inverted pyramid. And those formats couldn't be any more opposite from one another.
After a few years transitioning from the scientific method to the inverted pyramid, I've concluded there is a place for both and the constitution of the audience dictates which to use when. Technical conversations or highly exploratory conversations like product design, engineering design or the like benefit from the scientific method. These conversations require in depth analysis and lots of context setting.

Do you agree?

Think Simple Now: 25 Things to Avoid for Better Relationships - Continuing the theme, this weekend read focuses on verbal communication and the don'ts of relationships. While a few of the 25 tips are specifically for verbal interactions, there are a few analogues with that and general and genuine relationship management. Here are a few of our favorite don'ts:
2. Show no interest in other people's lives.

8. Ignore someone's emails and text messages.