February 17, 2012

What is #SMW2012?


Have you seen the latest Twitter trend? #SMW look familiar? This past week has been Social Media Week. What exactly does that mean? According to Social Media Week, this week has been dedicated to "explore how local and regional societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated & empowered through a global network of communication." SMW is trending all around the world, and changing the meaning of social media. Cities across the world have been hosting SMW events, educating the world about social media and the effect it has on...everything!

Companies around the world have dedicated this week to discussing social media within their company, as well as the impact #socialmedia has had for the past couple years. Reflecting on the global impact of social media, as well as its role in driving cultural, economic, political, and social change, #SMW has created a platform for communication, and a series of collaborated activities. Can't attend an event? No problem; it'll be LiveStreamed so you can stay connected with the rest of the social media techies.

Contactually participated as well with Social Media Week Washington D.C. (#SMWWDC) by speaking at the monthly DC Tech Meetup event. We're just sharing with the world what building valuable relationships is all about. ;)