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October 22, 2013

What Are your Biggest Email Pet Peeves? [Infographic]

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In an infographic on email pet peeves by the crew over at Sendmail, they show us that there's a definite correlation between how we use email and our personality type. Whereas an extrovert would use a phrase like "let's talk this over," an introvert would use "I need to talk about this" in an email, according to the infographic.

A few other points we were able to take away from the infographic:

    • Millennials are 7 percent more annoyed by bad grammar.

    • The biggest email pet peeve for a sender is when they don't receive a reply.

    • Email recipients really dislike when Reply All is used too liberally.

Other pet peeves:

    • When people don't reply - 51 percent

    • Too many Reply Alls - 25 percent

    • Emails that are confusing or vague - 19 percent

    • Emails that are too long - 12 percent

How do these pet peeves check out for you? Take a look at the full infographic below!