October 05, 2011

We're joining 500 Startups!

We're proud to announce some exciting news: we're joining 500 Startups, a top accelerator in Mountain View, CA! Starting in two short weeks, we'll be joining 20+ other startups for four-months of intense focus on making Contactually even better and helping even more people improve their relationships and actually start using their CRM.

Yep... we're making Contactually go BOOM

The team has evolved quite a bit over the past few months. After first launching just this past July as Enforcery, we quickly rebranded to Contactually and began focusing on what our users need most: a drop-dead-simple solution to keep tabs on your relationships and manage your CRM, all through email. We moved into the District I/O co-working space in Dupont Circle and increasingly ramped up our efforts on building the product and testing with users. While we've all been working extremely hard - Zvi and Jeff on development, and Tony on product management/customer dev - we admittedly have been doing it all part-time. That's all changing now.

The big advantage 500 Startups affords us is FOCUS. Starting this week, we're burning the boats and going all-in. We're all super pumped about the feedback we're getting from users, and see this as the next logical step to start improving the product at an even faster rate.

Beyond focus, 500 provides two other major benefits: mentorship and seed funding. While we're honored to call some of the smartest folks in the area our advisors - Patrick Smith, John Casey, and Sam Huleatt - 500's network of 165+ rock-star mentors will be invaluable as we begin scaling Contactually from hundreds to thousands of users. In addition, while we've been 100% boot-strapped to date, the seed funding from 500 provides a little bit of breathing room for the months ahead.

So what does the move mean for Contactually and the DC tech community? Well for starters, we are going to be MIA from the area for the rest of the year. I know, we're a little sad too. But at the end of the day we're DC boys, and plan on coming back post-January to keeping developing the product, expanding the team, and helping to grow the local tech community. After all, we are Proudly Made in DC (Zvi, of course, as one of the chief instigators behind it).

It's hard to describe the excitement we all feel about this next phase of Contactually. In case it wasn't clear earlier, we're super pumped about working with Dave, Paul, and the rest of the gang at 500. We've been working round the clock on some recent features, and expect to roll out some pretty big changes in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

If you're going to be around while we're in the Bay Area, please get in touch with us! We always love meeting other Contactually users and startup junkies... particularly over a good beer. ;)