February 20, 2012

Edition 7: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Remember that we are all human beings, and naturally get along with nice people. :)

1. Send a Greeting Card.

For holidays and birthdays of your contacts, send cards to express how grateful you are and value your relationship. This one simple act can help your contacts feel respected, valued, and appreciated. A genuine gesture will help you connect with your contacts, and help you build valuable relationships!

(Source: Marketing Profs)

2. Caring.

Whether you're connecting with family, or a potential client, show that you genuinely care. If you don't, your contact can tell quickly. Care about what your contact needs, and how you're trying to build a relationship with them based on trust. By caring, you're on your way to mastering your relationships!

(Source: Hartford Business)

3. Be Helpful.

A great way to strengthen a connection is to do something for your contact. To be truly helpful, you need to have a sense of your contact's values and priorities. Understand your contacts to build relationships, and offer a small gift that would be unusually helpful to the person.

(Source: Fortune)

We hope these tips will help you become an amazing connection with your contacts!