February 06, 2012

Edition 5: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Start your February right by connecting with your loved ones!

1. Stay in Touch by Celebrating Achievements

Provide a reason to keep in touch with somebody. If your contact has been promoted or has reached a milestone, send a quick "Congratulations!" message. If you've received an achievement, update your contacts about it, and create an event to reconnect with old contacts. Celebrate your achievements with your most valuable contacts!

(Source: The Public Speaker)

2. Add Some Humor.

When connecting with your contacts, you don't always have to take it seriously. Add a bit of humor to lighten the situation, or to keep a relationship at a casual, yet comfortable, level. Send a funny joke, or email, as interesting content to share with others. Life's too short to be taken completely seriously. ;)

3. Credibility.

Credibility is the quality of being reliable, and worthy of confidence. It grows when appointments and promises are kept, and when actions are acted upon. A failure to live up to expectations can result in a meaningless relationship, and will break through before you know it. Maintain your credibility, and you will be successful in mastering your relationships!

(Source: Entrepreneur)

Don't forget to keep in touch with friends and family! :)