January 30, 2012

Edition 4: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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We hope you have been staying in contact with your relationships! Here are some more tips to maintain those strong relationships:

1. Encourage Honest Feedback.

The best advantage to building an open, and honest relationship is the chance to be able to have room for improvement. Never build any relationship with a lie; it will only lead to more lies. By having an honest relationship, you build a foundation for trust, and grow a strong long-term relationship with your contacts.

(Source: Inc. Magazine)

2. Make Yourself Available.

Be responsive with your friends, family, and clients. Always make time for your contacts, and make it a point to connect with them in a timely manner. If you receive an email, reply back as soon as possible. If you receive a phone call, either pick up, or at least have the decency to call back. By being responsive, and giving yourself the chance to be available for your contacts, you will be on your way to building stable relationships!

(Source: Experience Matters)

3. Don't Stress.

Building relationships with your contacts should be a breeze. You don't have to make every contact possible, or even maintain a relationship with every single contact. Try focusing on making the most out of your contacts, and keep the valuable ones closest to you. Building relationships shouldn't cause any stress, and should be an effortless process for connecting with your contacts. :)

(Source: Lifehack)

Start connecting with your contacts the right way!