January 23, 2012

Edition 3: Weekly Tips for Connecting with your Contacts

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Do you have a Twitter account? Facebook? Have you actually been using them to connect with your contacts? This week we have some tips to help you with building relationships with contacts on a social level:

1. Be Patient with Social Media.

Social media is the new medium to connect with your clients on a social level. The social media process consists of building trust and developing relationships over time. By connecting with clients, customers, or prospects through a social network, you can prove your brand as an interesting source of knowledge, and have the chance to convert social media users into clients.

(Source: OfficeArrow)

2. Respond to Tweets.

Twitter is a great tool to engage your customers and clients with your brand. By having regular tweets, you can gain interest through your followers, who also have the option to share your brand with others. There are many useful Twitter tools that can help you try be responsive and reply quickly back to followers. This can be an easy and quick way to turn Twitter followers into clients.

(Source: Blog Consulting)

3. Share Interesting Content on Facebook.

Once you have built your network with clients, prospects, as well as friend, you're able to build online relationships while also promoting your services and resources. You don't want to turn Facebook into a complete sales approach, but want to share resources that people can apply to their lives, comment on, and also share with others. You get to know your clients on a more personal level, as well as let them have a glimpse into your life as well.

(Source: Idea Fit)

We hope you master your long-term relationships through the usage of social media!